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This is my just - in - case - something - goes - wrong - with - LJ journal... and it's naurwen on LJ. :)
Friends only!
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And here... more photos of 01.01.:
We took the bus back to Meersburg, then decided to have a wander around as it was such a lovely (and actually warm enough) evening.
The sunset was so beautiful. Hahah - we spotted huge bubbles in the lake, being a bit WTF about them we watched them - and two divers emerged. LOL No idea what they'd been looking for or doing - especially since there was a sign post saying *no diving*, but I suppose they were local, allowed to do that, whatever. :) So I'm afraid, no Nessie, it was just divers. ;)

And here's to thanking to the universe for leading us down that nice little street to the one and only shop open - which had very unusual clothes, on sale, and a lovely woman who owned the shop and actually knew how to do her job (as in of course she was happy to sell a couple of things to us, but she was genuinely nice and was really great at getting the sizes right for us - depending no the style of the tops she picked out. Awesome, that was a first time ever experience to me. What I usually get here is a shrug and a whatever. Pfft).
We found two lovely floaty tops each. :D

Well, and then we better hopped on the next ferry before we'd have been tempted to spend even more money. LOL

Have the photos:

More mountains! And palm trees! :D At Meersburg
More mountains! And palm trees! :D At Meersburg
Love this one :) Meersburg Castle
Love this one :) Meersburg Castle
This says *Hotel Wild Man* :) Sun set...
This says *Hotel Wild Man* :) Sun set...
The Moon :D A building in Meersburg
The Moon :D First time EVER I was able to take a proper photo of the Moon! A building in Meersburg
A street in Meersburg The sunset got more fiery
A street in Meersburg The sunset got more fiery
The mountains again Sunset and palm trees
The mountains again Sunset and palm trees
Road sign The little travellers found a xmas tree on the ferry! :D
Road sign Unteruhldingen is where the lake dwelling is (= Pfahlbauten). But I took this photo because of Salem - knowing that there very well is a Salem in the USA which is pretty famous. The little travellers found a xmas tree on the ferry! :D
The sunset turned pink and purple :D And even more pink and purple
The sunset turned pink and purple :D And even more pink and purple

Well, today, we slept in a bit, then checked out of the hotel, left our luggage there though. We went to Aran (that for some reason has been re-named into Pano, what the... Aran was nicer. Why did it have to be renamed into the Italian version of the word? As if that's better or classier or whatever?) for breakfast. And I'll keep on calling it Aran. There!
Then bought a couple of essentials we'd wanted to get AND found a new travel bag (we both prefer bags to suitcases) for danannforest as hers has started falling apart (and mine will most probably follow soon, too, so... that'll be a next one to get).
In the end we went back to the hotel, repacked her things into her new bag and the lady at the check in desk very kindly adopted the old suitcase - we could leave it there. :)

Well, and then we had one more coffee and then caught our train home.
No idea why but while we took the direct train back to Zurich, we were told we had to change at Weinfelden as the train would end there. Never given a reason for it and had the pleasure to squash around with the very unfriendly (sorry to say so) Swiss travelleres who were downright rude and WTF - but we caught the train and then didn't have to deal with them anymore.
The guy who'd informed us about the train change was on the new train as well and actually very nicely announced over the speakers that all passengers had managed very well. LOL That was a sweet thing to say. :)

So... here we are again, back online in 2012.
I will update on the Wild Nights tomorrow I guess. :)
Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!
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Oh gosh, how am I supposed to answer this AT ALL?
It changes all the time thus I can say I like many, a lot. You know me after all... :) Mythology, Legends, and all that. :)
  • Dragons for fire, but basically all the elements (hence my Celtic dragon on my ankle :))...
  • Faeries because how can you NOT be intrigued (and if you aren't they'll knock you over the head or worse, so there you go)...
  • Vampires for the darker side (I doubt anyone's surprised by that)...
  • Unicorns because of "The Last Unicorn" really...
  • The whole world of Lord of the Rings!
  • Mermaids and Nymphs for the waters...
  • Nessie! Never seen her when I was on a Loch Ness cruise, but...
  • Selkies... ever looked into the large soulful eyes of a seal?
  • Werewolves are pretty interesting, too (as long as none bites me. I love wolves, but I spend some amount of time actually epilating my legs. Imagine the frustration of growing it all back within a second - all and MORE. :p)
  • Griffins - they're amazingly beautiful
  • Phoenix... because... there's my element again, Fire
  • Leprechauns... because I've once seen one

And the list goes on...
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I guess many will be aware of this anyway, but I thought I'd post it:

Cross-posting to LWC
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Hi everyone

this is a public post - just in case someone who I have included in the friends cut may want to know.
It's the first time ever that I've done a friends cut and I doubt the people I've cut will notice. They've been either not active on LJ anymore, or kind of never interacted with me anyway - not responding to my entries or to my comments on theirs. So I guess the feeling's mutual. :)
I've cut a couple of people only and this has absolutely nothing to do with me not liking someone or anything like that - I just feel if we don't interact AT ALL, then there's no point in staying LJ friends. I don't reply to every entry someone makes and sometimes can't read every entry, either - sometimes I've nothing to say, sometimes I'm too busy, that's just plain normal. But if there's no interaction at all, I don't really see the point. So please, no hard feelings - I think you understand what I mean?
Should someone who I've cut now still want to stay in contact - please tell me, though as said, I do doubt that as there was no interaction at all.

C'est tout. :)
Good night!
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I feel the need to do a bit of advertising for one of my favourite book series:
Books 1-3 will be out in a reprint in May, June and July, book 4 will be released in August 2011.
All I can say is that I’ve loved 1-3 so far, and they’re a definitely “pagan read”. :D
You can also check out the Stonewylde newsletter:
Which includes some spring equinox-ness right now as well. :) And if you like it all as much as I do – there’s also a bit of a community (all nice and nuts people, someone once said LOL. You know, them weird pagans… ;D).

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nope, no celebration here. Switzerland doesn't celebrate this holiday and as far as I'm aware it's a US-holiday.
I keep on forgetting it exists until I see sudden bunches of posts wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

So yeah... nothing else going on here other than being at work. Which probably means that Swiss turkeys are happy turkeys today.
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Now here I'm going to be so predictable... most of you it won't surprise if I choose Middle Earth... and Hogwarts & Co.

As for top favourite number one: Middle Earth... I'd love to visit in a time of peace, because as far as adventure goes I'd love to SURVIVE ;). But I'd love to see it all, visit all the places, have a party with the hobbits, visit the elves, see the White City for myself, ... awwww! And of course to meet all the (nice) creatures. I'm not a chicken but I doubt I'd like to meet an orc. My archery skills aren't good enough for that.

I'd also love to take some exchange year at Hogwarts. Or two. Or three. Come on, of course I would!

What else...
I think if I'd say the places of Pride and Prejudice I'd have some major problems: First of all Mr Darcy's already got a bride and second... memories of Lost in Austen come to mind. Wah. LOL

I loved reading The Forgotten Beasts of Eld... I think it would be wonderful to see all those wonderous creatures... this story really sucked me into this other world.

And yeah, yeah, Forks... because it would be simply FUN!

I might add to all that if more comes to mind. Right now my brain's slowly going tired. ;)
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Not that I want to advertise on here... but seriously LOL!!!!!!

apart from that - I actually like this, but haven't had them for YEARS. :)
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I thought I would post this link again - because they've updated their webpage and all. :)
You may remember... last year when we went to Ireland we did spend an afternoon working with hawks, an owl and watching falconry. :D

We didn't get to see their eagle as they had only just gotten it! :) But he got mentioned. My, Odin is quite the name for this beautiful bird! :D

You get to work in a small group - as small as you like really because it's private lessons you get and that's wonderful, because it's all peaceful, no stressing about anything, and you get to ask things and purely enjoy it.

So if you're ever in Ireland and feel like doing this... you have an address now. :D

And awwwwww:

That's their flickr page by the way. :D
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I've stolen this one from catwoman2704 and I totally agree with what she posted. Please read and if you have a problem with this, well, either tell me or please defriend my journal.
You may know I post personal things here, nothing world-changing, but to ME they are personal. Hence why most of my posts are friends only.
I've absolutely NO interest in finding things from my posts on Facebook or Twitter. Apart from that I use Facebook as a tool for people to find me but that's about it. And I don't do Twitter. I've no interest in supporting either of them this way.

Here goes:
Do NOT use the Facebook or Twitter crossposting feature with comments on my LJ.

I will take it as an attack on my privacy, and I will not tolerate it.

Thank you.

As an aside, if you do i will click defriend if i find any of my comments are found on Facebook or Twitter. This journal is all about me and my private life and i DO NOT want it blazened across Facebook / Twitter. I value my privacy.

If you do not like what i am saying then click defriend now

Thank you!
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I don't think I would change decisions made as they lead me to where I am now and I'm ok with that.
But I would have made things easier for my mum and me somehow... the running away to Switzerland (from back then communistic Czechoslovakia); the being treated as stupid foreigners, her not being allowed to get a good job despite her good education simply because she is a foreigner (luckily this rule has changed by now, but back then she didn't stand a chance. The state decided what she was allowed to work as and what not.); the teachers who treated me just like that, too; the relatives who didn't help in that situation either; ...
Mainly all that.
Sure, it made *me*, or both of us stronger and the persons we are now, but those aren't happy memories and things that still influence me now and then. Those are memories that often overshadow the happy memories of my childhood and teenage years. And I wouldn't wish any of that to anyone.
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This will be cross-posted here and at livingweb. :)
I am only posting the photos of the bracelet that's already arrived at its new owner's by now - the other photos of the already finished and sent off bracelets are HERE if you'd like to have a look:

If you however have ordered your bracelet and would rather have a surprise in your mail - don't have a look here. It's up to you - I don't mind. ;)

Apollon bracelet - custom made for Sabine
Apollon bracelet - custom made for Sabine
I chose the crystals (and colours) according to attributes of Apollon, same goes for the groups of 3 crystals and once 7 - numbers that go with Apollon, too. The central stone is attached with wire - triangle fitting here nicely too. :)
Apollon bracelet - custom made for Sabine
Apollon bracelet - custom made for Sabine
this is how the bracelet is worn.

I'm really excited about this all because it's been pure pleasure making these bracelets, its given me a huge kick of inspiration and I've had free reign to be creative and could let intuition take over.
I must say that while I loved making ALL of those bracelets, the Apollon one was most special to me. Maybe because he's also a God of the arts I could connect there especially well. I don't know, it all just *worked*.
*happy dance here*

Now I've 3 more bracelets to make - or 4.
And I'll be up for more orders now.

I can't even tell you how happy and excited I am. I haven't got the words for it all. :)))
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I hope you can view it - it's on the author's, Maggie Stiefvater's facebook. I'm not sure if you have to friend her to see it...
You tell me!

It's a trailer she made for her new book, *Linger* (not out yet, but soon).
I LOVED her first one, *Shiver*... :D So much looking forward to the second one.
And I just adore that trailer.
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A bit of a longer story but I'll try to make it short.
A penpal from England (we're definitely not in touch anymore) had basically begged me to visit her when she got to know I'd be going to Ireland in summer. That was years ago by the way.
I'd met her once before - for a couple of hours - we got along really well, so I agreed and scratched my money together to be able to afford the extra flight.

She was all enthusiastic, invited me, told me how she would take me to visit places, etc. totally excited, almost hyper.

However once I was *there* she was permanently p***** off at me and I really had no clue why.
She hinted how she had to *drive so much* to take me to places (they were are more or less nearby and the visit was for 3 days). How we had to do food shopping which obviously really annoyed her (I paid my share). We didn’t really get to chat or anything – it was either a word here or there or nothing.
She took me to some christening in her family that I didn’t want to go to. FFS, it was family business and seriously, I wasn’t interested in sitting in a church for an event I wasn’t involved with at all, listening to someone talking about sins and other *fun stuff*. Everyone looked at me as if I was a two-headed donkey cause nobody could figure out who I was and why I was there at all. And it lasted the whole morning. Even greater.
Long story made short, after the holiday she wrote me an email how she felt I hadn’t behaved well during my stay, how I hadn’t been friendly to her relatives (WTF???), how I’d been unthankful even though she (and her husband) drove me around… and so on.

I told her my side of the story. And I never heard from her again.
Through a mutual friend of ours I heard that after a meet up with her she’d had similar experiences… :(
And also heard that she asked about me once or twice. Like *why doesn’t she write to me anymore*.
Errr… seriously?
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The Potion Maker
nurdhegilwenium is an opaque, swirling yellow liquid made from the blood of an owl.
naurwenium is an opaque, oily ochre liquid drawn from the root of a wolfsbane plant.
Mixing nurdhegilwenium with naurwenium causes a violent chemical reaction, producing an opaque beige potion which gives the user protection from evil.
Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

And yes, I'm back... :)
Photos to come during this weekend.
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Hi dear flist...

please check out flutterbychild's recent post:

I think it's a great idea! If you're interested, spread the word?

Naurwen / Marta


Jan. 15th, 2010 01:08 am
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I've just seen the trailer to this one... I. NEED. TO. SEE. IT. *adores*:
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I remember that my father smoked, but I only lived in the Czech Rep. (with him and mum) until I was 6 years old.
My mum never smoked and somehow I was never around smokers until I was... hmh... 20 or so.
Thing is I get strong allergic reactions to smoke. My eyes go mad, my nose blocks as does my throat.
While I don't give a s*** if someone smokes I have to say: Not in my face and definitely not in a locked room with me and even if in the same room, please miles away from me. The reactions I get stay for up to 4 days when I had to inhale smoke for like 5 minutes. No thanks. I feel really miserable, as if I can't breathe and as if I'm about to get very sick. No thanks again.

So... I was the one who did a happy dance when I realized Ireland's pubs were going non-smoking...
It wasn't great to not be able to go out anywhere cause of smoking being allowed everywhere. :(((
Switzerland's still behind with all this. Lots of voting going on cause of pro or contra smoking and no real decisions made. I mean, no, there have been decisions and laws made, but then others started protesting against them and blah. So there are still many restaurants, bars, etc. that don't really provide a room for non-smokers. They might have the place divided, but since those aren't separate rooms or the likes that doesn't help ME very much.

Oh yeah, and I couldn't date, live with or marry a smoker either.
First of all I find it really disgusting, second... no thanks to permanent allergies. :(
But go and mention this and you're treated as if you're being a racist towards smokers.
It's annoying the hell out of me.


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