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Oh gosh, how am I supposed to answer this AT ALL?
It changes all the time thus I can say I like many, a lot. You know me after all... :) Mythology, Legends, and all that. :)
  • Dragons for fire, but basically all the elements (hence my Celtic dragon on my ankle :))...
  • Faeries because how can you NOT be intrigued (and if you aren't they'll knock you over the head or worse, so there you go)...
  • Vampires for the darker side (I doubt anyone's surprised by that)...
  • Unicorns because of "The Last Unicorn" really...
  • The whole world of Lord of the Rings!
  • Mermaids and Nymphs for the waters...
  • Nessie! Never seen her when I was on a Loch Ness cruise, but...
  • Selkies... ever looked into the large soulful eyes of a seal?
  • Werewolves are pretty interesting, too (as long as none bites me. I love wolves, but I spend some amount of time actually epilating my legs. Imagine the frustration of growing it all back within a second - all and MORE. :p)
  • Griffins - they're amazingly beautiful
  • Phoenix... because... there's my element again, Fire
  • Leprechauns... because I've once seen one

And the list goes on...
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nope, no celebration here. Switzerland doesn't celebrate this holiday and as far as I'm aware it's a US-holiday.
I keep on forgetting it exists until I see sudden bunches of posts wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

So yeah... nothing else going on here other than being at work. Which probably means that Swiss turkeys are happy turkeys today.
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Now here I'm going to be so predictable... most of you it won't surprise if I choose Middle Earth... and Hogwarts & Co.

As for top favourite number one: Middle Earth... I'd love to visit in a time of peace, because as far as adventure goes I'd love to SURVIVE ;). But I'd love to see it all, visit all the places, have a party with the hobbits, visit the elves, see the White City for myself, ... awwww! And of course to meet all the (nice) creatures. I'm not a chicken but I doubt I'd like to meet an orc. My archery skills aren't good enough for that.

I'd also love to take some exchange year at Hogwarts. Or two. Or three. Come on, of course I would!

What else...
I think if I'd say the places of Pride and Prejudice I'd have some major problems: First of all Mr Darcy's already got a bride and second... memories of Lost in Austen come to mind. Wah. LOL

I loved reading The Forgotten Beasts of Eld... I think it would be wonderful to see all those wonderous creatures... this story really sucked me into this other world.

And yeah, yeah, Forks... because it would be simply FUN!

I might add to all that if more comes to mind. Right now my brain's slowly going tired. ;)
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I don't think I would change decisions made as they lead me to where I am now and I'm ok with that.
But I would have made things easier for my mum and me somehow... the running away to Switzerland (from back then communistic Czechoslovakia); the being treated as stupid foreigners, her not being allowed to get a good job despite her good education simply because she is a foreigner (luckily this rule has changed by now, but back then she didn't stand a chance. The state decided what she was allowed to work as and what not.); the teachers who treated me just like that, too; the relatives who didn't help in that situation either; ...
Mainly all that.
Sure, it made *me*, or both of us stronger and the persons we are now, but those aren't happy memories and things that still influence me now and then. Those are memories that often overshadow the happy memories of my childhood and teenage years. And I wouldn't wish any of that to anyone.
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A bit of a longer story but I'll try to make it short.
A penpal from England (we're definitely not in touch anymore) had basically begged me to visit her when she got to know I'd be going to Ireland in summer. That was years ago by the way.
I'd met her once before - for a couple of hours - we got along really well, so I agreed and scratched my money together to be able to afford the extra flight.

She was all enthusiastic, invited me, told me how she would take me to visit places, etc. totally excited, almost hyper.

However once I was *there* she was permanently p***** off at me and I really had no clue why.
She hinted how she had to *drive so much* to take me to places (they were are more or less nearby and the visit was for 3 days). How we had to do food shopping which obviously really annoyed her (I paid my share). We didn’t really get to chat or anything – it was either a word here or there or nothing.
She took me to some christening in her family that I didn’t want to go to. FFS, it was family business and seriously, I wasn’t interested in sitting in a church for an event I wasn’t involved with at all, listening to someone talking about sins and other *fun stuff*. Everyone looked at me as if I was a two-headed donkey cause nobody could figure out who I was and why I was there at all. And it lasted the whole morning. Even greater.
Long story made short, after the holiday she wrote me an email how she felt I hadn’t behaved well during my stay, how I hadn’t been friendly to her relatives (WTF???), how I’d been unthankful even though she (and her husband) drove me around… and so on.

I told her my side of the story. And I never heard from her again.
Through a mutual friend of ours I heard that after a meet up with her she’d had similar experiences… :(
And also heard that she asked about me once or twice. Like *why doesn’t she write to me anymore*.
Errr… seriously?
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I remember that my father smoked, but I only lived in the Czech Rep. (with him and mum) until I was 6 years old.
My mum never smoked and somehow I was never around smokers until I was... hmh... 20 or so.
Thing is I get strong allergic reactions to smoke. My eyes go mad, my nose blocks as does my throat.
While I don't give a s*** if someone smokes I have to say: Not in my face and definitely not in a locked room with me and even if in the same room, please miles away from me. The reactions I get stay for up to 4 days when I had to inhale smoke for like 5 minutes. No thanks. I feel really miserable, as if I can't breathe and as if I'm about to get very sick. No thanks again.

So... I was the one who did a happy dance when I realized Ireland's pubs were going non-smoking...
It wasn't great to not be able to go out anywhere cause of smoking being allowed everywhere. :(((
Switzerland's still behind with all this. Lots of voting going on cause of pro or contra smoking and no real decisions made. I mean, no, there have been decisions and laws made, but then others started protesting against them and blah. So there are still many restaurants, bars, etc. that don't really provide a room for non-smokers. They might have the place divided, but since those aren't separate rooms or the likes that doesn't help ME very much.

Oh yeah, and I couldn't date, live with or marry a smoker either.
First of all I find it really disgusting, second... no thanks to permanent allergies. :(
But go and mention this and you're treated as if you're being a racist towards smokers.
It's annoying the hell out of me.
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Winter means quite a couple of different things to me...
for once it means being cosy at home where it's lovely warm, curled up on the sofa or bed with a good book or dvd, doing crafts, but also meeting up with friends, visiting xmas markets together, drinking hot mead and eating warm crepes and other delicious things there.
Making presents for others, too. :)

It also means the time of the Winter Solstice to me.
To me it's the cold-and-quiet season. Everything outside goes quiet, especially once snow has fallen. People spend more time at home, too...
On the other hand it's also the end of December - meaning a new year will begin and to me this is always the looking forward to spring.
I'm really not a winter person, I don't like the cold much, so usually my hopes are set high for spring by the time December is over. :)

Winter itself can be very cold here and what I dislike the most then are the very cold winds that cut right into your skin as well as the ground getting so frozen it's dangerous to walk around...
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This is one of my earliest childhood memories, I might have been 3 or 4 back then:
I lived in the Czech Republic back then and every year on the first weekend of December, at Slavkov, there is a reenactment of the Battle of 3 Emperors.
We attended it, and while I don't remember the actual battle at all, I do remember standing with my mum at the car park somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We were alone and there was so much snow! I couldn't walk in it as it was so high (I most probably would have disappeared in it :)). She was sheltering me from the snow storm, but there was no way of being safe from it.
The snowflakes were so severe, they were everywhere:
They were cutting into one's skin, they were on our lips and in our mouths as we were breathing in the cold air.
All we could see was white, white, white. The only colour I remember apart from white is the beige colour of the car.
The wind was whizzing so hard it hurt our ears and the air smelled harshly cold yet fresh.

It was the most intense experience I've ever had of winter...


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