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Not that I want to advertise on here... but seriously LOL!!!!!!

apart from that - I actually like this, but haven't had them for YEARS. :)
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The Potion Maker
nurdhegilwenium is an opaque, swirling yellow liquid made from the blood of an owl.
naurwenium is an opaque, oily ochre liquid drawn from the root of a wolfsbane plant.
Mixing nurdhegilwenium with naurwenium causes a violent chemical reaction, producing an opaque beige potion which gives the user protection from evil.
Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

And yes, I'm back... :)
Photos to come during this weekend.
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My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
naurwen goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as a Vampire.
_hedgewytch_ tricks you! You get a clothespin.
dianaoftheriver gives you 8 teal cinnamon-flavoured nuggets.
goddessofchaos gives you 17 white licorice-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
gypsytemptress gives you 9 pink grape-flavoured jawbreakers.
jackiesjottings tricks you! You get a rock.
littleloveflame gives you 12 orange raspberry-flavoured wafers.
marilavado gives you 12 mottled green root beer-flavoured gummy worms.
meathiel gives you 13 green cola-flavoured pieces of taffy.
nurdhegilwen tricks you! You get a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
naurwen ends up with 71 pieces of candy, a clothespin, a rock, and a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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For your info...: I'm sick (tummy? maybe a tummy-flu?), I'm at home and crawling around... but at least I'm managing to upload some more photos.
I got a doc's appointment for Friday as he's not around on Thursday at all... guess that means I'll be done for the rest of the week with not going to work at all.
I can't see myself going to work tomorrow right now anyway...


At the Champs-Elysées And this explains...
At the Champs-Elysées
Le tigre and the leopard wanted to have pics taken there, too!
And this explains...
... how the *little travellers* got so high up... LOL Daniela was holding them up. Ah yes, and those two are HER travelleres. The *battle mouse* (right) and the wolf dressed up as a sheep (yes... and on the left).
La Pyramide inversée The Louvre
La Pyramide inversée
Inside the Louvre where you can see these two special pyramids. If you've seen the movie The Da Vinci Code you might remember them? And that would be my mum and le tigre and the leopard. :)
The Louvre
... in the evening :)
Louvre and the Pyramids Métro Station
Louvre and the Pyramids
Métro Station
I love those *old* stations, art-nouveau style entrance...
Cheers! Sushi!
And that would be beer... yes, they do have some beer-foam on their noses. :D
I. Want. A. Sushi. Delivery. Here!!! Or good sushi at all, that is!
Ice cream!!! Zzzzzzzzz
Ice cream!!!
As you can see I *always* have to share my food and drink with that little one... *sigh*
They all shared the spare bed in Daniela's hotel room... :D
... one of the marks, near the Louvre... again... seen Da Vinci Code? Then you will definitely know what this one is about. :)

A bit of a smaller entry here...
Here we went to the *Carousel du Louvre* which is the underground area there - there are shops, little cantine-like restaurants and it's the entry to the Louvre museum. We went there for something little to eat and had those FAB French *macrons*... YUM!
We strolled around the area, spotted some of the *Roseline* marks... took photos... shopped in the crafts area of the Virgin store (no, no virgins on sale there, not that I'd know of... it's mainly a media store, but also sells lots of books, paper stuff... etc.) which is small but has some nice goodies...

The Champs Elysées we visited a couple of times...
Also once in the late evening as it's beautiful lit up in the night... and there are cafés and restaurants you can go to as well as shops which are open until 11pm, so you definitely won't get bored there.
Besides... I love walking down the Champs Elysées from the Arc de Triomphe, down to the Louvre. It's a longer walk and really nice. :)
We dashed into *Sephora* twice which is cosmetics, make up, perfumes. Many brands, but also their own stuff which all three of us like a lot. Mum was looking for a certain eyelinger, special green-ish metallic gold colour which is the exact colour of her glasses (frames!) and which she once had bought there... and she got a similar one. :)
The ladies at the shop are really friendly and helpful. Yeah, sure, they're trying to sell as much stuff as possible, but I found they weren't pushy or anything - it was really nice to be able to ask about something and to actually being shown stuff in a friendly way, they were taking their time for you and even if you ended up only one thing that wasn't expensive at all - it didn't matter.
Can someone please teach sales people *here* such behaviour?
Here I prefer not to ask at all as I either just get a *dunno* (if lucky with a carefless shrug) or some unfriendly comment. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Hmh... my next Paris entry will be a real treat - Opéra Garnier visit. :D
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And here goes my first offical entry... and some mainly fun photos:

We had a good journey, good flight, everything went really well. Got our car super-fast, almost didn't find it as now you have to pick up the rental cars in a parking building near the airport and let's just say it's kind of hidden. We had a silver Nissan Micra which worked a treat - and we spotted this type of car over and over again all over Ireland. Must be a favourite? It looks smaller on the outside, but actually a lot fits in. Our luggage certainly did. :)

We drove to the first house we had rented... and got SO LOST!
You really need a navigator there. Once you know your way you're just fine, but searching the house for the first time... no chance.
The lady who owns it knew we were on the way and called me to ask if we were nearby and I was like yeah, in the village you told me NOT to go to. LOL. We really ended up there. So she came by car to pick us up. I guess she found it just as hilarious. :D
Some tea was awaiting us... and a really large but cosy and lovely house. I'd take that one anytime! Plus big spacious gardens and all *on your own*. No neighbours directly nearby yet you're not really far away from the next village (...) or main road. Handy!

In the morning, Sunday, we discovered we had a couple of cats to adopt.
The lady had warned us there were cats, wild-ish ones that her husband actually fed and looked after a bit. Figured out there were 3 fluffy white cats, one without a tail, one big-ish one and then a slender one. All of them too shy to be touched but nosy enough to peer into the kitchen, especially since there was a small bowl for them by the kitchen door anyway.
So... Nurdhegilwen's familiar with adopting-cats-for-a-week-in-Ireland - we did just that. LOL.
Some while later I discovered 2 kitten in the shed behind the house - one white and one - BLACK!!! :D SO cute. Unfortunately I've no photos of them as they were well hidden and the slender cat which I soon called *mum* was always guarding them, but I saw them play a couple of times. AW!
The big cat seemed to be the guardian of the house as he mostly slept by the kitchen door and usually was the first one to visit us as soon as someone started strolling around the house in the morning. >^.^<

Here go pics:

1st week - 1st house: My Bed *our* Cats
1st week - 1st house: My Bed

I had to take a photo of it because it just looked rather nice... :) AND it was super-comfy! :D *misses it*
*our* Cats

How many do you spot? :D
Close up Meow Narnia in the Garden?
Close up Meow

They were too shy to be touched, but still adorable and one of them which I think was a male kept on guarding our house. :)
Narnia in the Garden?

Well... you never know, right? :D
Our Car, our Bear, our Tiger... Boots!
Our Car, our Bear, our Tiger...

LOL, the bear's mum's (yes, it's a teddybear dressed up as a gingerbread-man LOL), the tiger's mine. They were posing during the whole holiday. Here they're showing off our lovely (rented) silver (no, not a Volvo, sorry) Nissan Micra. :D

We had to buy some definitely-waterproof boots for the falconry lesson, so here they are... :) In the end we had to leave them in Ireland. They were really heavy and also big, no space in our luggage... but they should have a good home by now - we gave them to the lady who owns the 2nd house we rented and she found them lovely. :)
THE Restaurant of Navan Synchro Swans
THE Restaurant of Navan

You love Indian Food? You are in Ireland? Preferably near Navan? You'd like to visit a drool-icious restaurant? Here it is!!! *waves @ Nicole!!!*
Synchro Swans

You won't believe when I say that I actually WAITED for them to do something else than scratch their tums for ages... both at the same time... in the end I gave up and took THIS photo instead. :)
Mini-Birdie Natural Beauty

Who spots the Robin? :D
Natural Beauty

This one was really unusual - I've definitely not seen any such flower before.

Sunday was a tiny drama-day as Ed discovered one of the car's tires was losing air. I called the lady asking if she knew where we best could get that fixed and well, she came over along with her son who grabbed the tire and went off in search for *someone to fix it on a Sunday*. Bless them for their help!!!
In the meanwhile we were told to *go somewhere and enjoy the day* so we went to the next town to do some food shopping and also to visit a small local market that sold yummy homemade jams, scones, cheese, veggies and... small packs of scrabooking crafty things. They were thrown in between the scones. LOL.
So it was a bit of a lazy shopping Sunday *only* but way ok for us as all three of us were really tired after tough times at work and then travel-Saturday...

Arrived back at the house and got our tire back immediately, fixed by whoever for 7 Euro only. Woooooooooooh! :D

Well, and my next entries will be more adventurous, I promise. ;)

Um, can anyone tell me why LJ leaves such a huge empty space between my texts BEFORE the pics? In EVERY post??? :(

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My Celestial ATCs:

Celestial ATCs Celestial ATCs
not a very good photo as taken with my mobile phone. the blurry stuffs are pics of the sun, two of them red and metallic. :) the dark blue paper is sort of glittery and the thread I used is golden. ;p

Due to Jackie's declaration that Friday be Fluffy Friday, here goes my contribution for THIS Fluffy Friday! (also posted in Friday Whimsy LJ!) :D

Fluffy Unicorn Fluffy Unicorn
Someone craved coffee this morning! :D

The coffee wasn't fluffy, but the unicorn is! :D
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Your result for Which Chess Piece are You Test?...

The Queen's Confidante

The Queen's Confidante is the first to hear the beat of a different drum. Many plunge into the avant garde experience and generally set the trend for their friends. They are more in touch with reality using their senses but this makes them want to live for the ‘here and now’. The Confidante is full of charm and may flow with compliments even if it isn’t deserved. Rather than write a poem on the beauty of life – they would rather live out the written story of beauty.

The Queen’s Confidante is usually peaceful and easygoing in nature. They usually adopt a 'live and let live' approach to life. They take things at their own pace and live for the moment. They may be quiet but are pleasant, considerate and caring. They may not be inclined to debate or air their views, but of course their values are important to them. They will solve problems as they arise especially if it concerns people. Generally the Confidante is one who develops great team spirit through the promotion of cooperation. They will only repeat facts without placing too much spin or interpretation on them. Because of this they may be the best mediators.

The Confidante is sensitive to its environment, and much more perceiving than others with regards to the physical world. They can notice variations in behavior of others. They are highly conscious of companions and friends, but they prefer to let others direct. This ‘Pawn’ is rarer than others because they are emotionally well rounded with a great degree of empathy. Because of this empathy, they can be overly concerned with ‘feelings’. They may even sacrifice their ideals and not contribute enough, especially if they don’t wish to exercise criticism.

Take Which Chess Piece are You Test? at HelloQuizzy

Hah! :)
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Here goes:

My New Personal Assistant My New Personal Assistant
He's pretty good at typing. And yes, that's Eilean Donan castle on my desktop. :D

And I thought it would be a dose of fluffiness for Jackie? *waves*

You notice my clairvoyance-ball on the desk? Sponsored by IKEA? HA!

Edited & added:

Due to demand... Due to demand...
here's his front as well. :) Looking out from my handbag! :D


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