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And here... more photos of 01.01.:
We took the bus back to Meersburg, then decided to have a wander around as it was such a lovely (and actually warm enough) evening.
The sunset was so beautiful. Hahah - we spotted huge bubbles in the lake, being a bit WTF about them we watched them - and two divers emerged. LOL No idea what they'd been looking for or doing - especially since there was a sign post saying *no diving*, but I suppose they were local, allowed to do that, whatever. :) So I'm afraid, no Nessie, it was just divers. ;)

And here's to thanking to the universe for leading us down that nice little street to the one and only shop open - which had very unusual clothes, on sale, and a lovely woman who owned the shop and actually knew how to do her job (as in of course she was happy to sell a couple of things to us, but she was genuinely nice and was really great at getting the sizes right for us - depending no the style of the tops she picked out. Awesome, that was a first time ever experience to me. What I usually get here is a shrug and a whatever. Pfft).
We found two lovely floaty tops each. :D

Well, and then we better hopped on the next ferry before we'd have been tempted to spend even more money. LOL

Have the photos:

More mountains! And palm trees! :D At Meersburg
More mountains! And palm trees! :D At Meersburg
Love this one :) Meersburg Castle
Love this one :) Meersburg Castle
This says *Hotel Wild Man* :) Sun set...
This says *Hotel Wild Man* :) Sun set...
The Moon :D A building in Meersburg
The Moon :D First time EVER I was able to take a proper photo of the Moon! A building in Meersburg
A street in Meersburg The sunset got more fiery
A street in Meersburg The sunset got more fiery
The mountains again Sunset and palm trees
The mountains again Sunset and palm trees
Road sign The little travellers found a xmas tree on the ferry! :D
Road sign Unteruhldingen is where the lake dwelling is (= Pfahlbauten). But I took this photo because of Salem - knowing that there very well is a Salem in the USA which is pretty famous. The little travellers found a xmas tree on the ferry! :D
The sunset turned pink and purple :D And even more pink and purple
The sunset turned pink and purple :D And even more pink and purple

Well, today, we slept in a bit, then checked out of the hotel, left our luggage there though. We went to Aran (that for some reason has been re-named into Pano, what the... Aran was nicer. Why did it have to be renamed into the Italian version of the word? As if that's better or classier or whatever?) for breakfast. And I'll keep on calling it Aran. There!
Then bought a couple of essentials we'd wanted to get AND found a new travel bag (we both prefer bags to suitcases) for danannforest as hers has started falling apart (and mine will most probably follow soon, too, so... that'll be a next one to get).
In the end we went back to the hotel, repacked her things into her new bag and the lady at the check in desk very kindly adopted the old suitcase - we could leave it there. :)

Well, and then we had one more coffee and then caught our train home.
No idea why but while we took the direct train back to Zurich, we were told we had to change at Weinfelden as the train would end there. Never given a reason for it and had the pleasure to squash around with the very unfriendly (sorry to say so) Swiss travelleres who were downright rude and WTF - but we caught the train and then didn't have to deal with them anymore.
The guy who'd informed us about the train change was on the new train as well and actually very nicely announced over the speakers that all passengers had managed very well. LOL That was a sweet thing to say. :)

So... here we are again, back online in 2012.
I will update on the Wild Nights tomorrow I guess. :)
Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!
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By popular demand - here's the first Opéra Garnier photos entry... *waves @ Nicole* ;D
There will be another separate one - I've just too many pics of the Opéra and can't decide. LOL

Hidden in the Opéra Garnier... Salamander
Hidden in the Opéra Garnier...
... are many beautiful corners... :)
This one, so I was once told there, was placed there to protect the Opéra from fire...
Lights... Night...?
I *always* take pictures of those... It all just looks so dramatic and beautiful.
... nope, it's just the difference between taking the photo using a flash or not... as you can see in the next picture. :)
Light! And once again...
And without using a flash... :)
And once again...
... view from the grand stairway...
Christine... Christine... The Dancer...
Christine... Christine...
... those of you who are familiar with the story of the Phantom of the Opera: I found this picture hung up on the 1st floor I think... her name is Christine Nilsson, and here she's shown as Juliette in Romeo et Juliette... Unfortunately no dates were given here. But it DID make us go whoooops... Christine... Nilsson being a Swedish name... and her being a dancer (as it's presumed she was a dancer and not a singer)... Um?
The Dancer...
... Daniela! :) Unfortunately most of my pictures of her turned out not too well, but this one's a fine one. :) We might just have to go back there and do another little photo shoot... :D
Plotting by the Phantom's Loge Waiting...
Plotting by the Phantom's Loge
We were checking out either the métro map or the map of Paris when Mum took this photo... :D Sitting near the loge number 5, the Phantom's loge (it's the one by the corner).
... for Eric? Daniela in front of loge number 5. :D
Waiting, too... Inside...
Waiting, too...
... and me in front of loge number 5. Well, me and a couple of orbs?
... the grand chandelier is so bright it's really difficult to take a good photo of it...
Especially for Nicole... Hunting...
Especially for Nicole...
... because there's a pidgeon. LOL
... this is a gobelin. It's absolutely fantastic, it looks like a painting really, but it's all gobelin. Trust me, I peered at it long enough. There are a couple of those in the Opéra.
Fairy! Gold! Gold! Gold!
I'd never noticed this painting before! Duh!
Gold! Gold! Gold!
It's all gold in the Opéra. Almost all. :)

We spent a nice long time inside the operahouse... and enjoyed it very much. :)
Didn't take a tour as we really know all there is to hear on those tours by now. We walked here and there and explored every corner. Mum sometimes stayed at a place and did some drawing while Daniela and me walked on, then came back for her... and at some point we did the ballett-photo shoot with Daniela.
I hope her pics of it turned out better than mine. *argh* But I've at least one good one!

This operahouse is the one where the story of *the Phantom of the Opera* is set.
You may have heard about it due to the famous (and beautiful) musical, or the musical-movie, or some of the other movies that have been made (in my opinion the one with Charles Dance as the Phantom is the best one there - it's the only one that catches the characters, the mood and that was actually filmed in this very operahouse. It differs from the original story, but that doesn't really matter to me... as it's a good *other version* of it.).
The original story came from he book (same title) by Gaston Leroux. :)
I can proudly say I chose exactly that book for my French diploma at DMS. *grin* Obsessed? Moi? ;D
Anyways... there have always been hints about that *something* once has happened there... like there *did* exist someone named Christine as well as some man who was disfigured, etc.
There are no proofs I guess, or none that are known of, anymore.
Mum and me once were given a private guided tour by an ex-ballett dancer of the opera. It was luck (...) really that we met her there and she offered it to us. She worked there anyway and seemed to like the idea of it, plus she spoke some German which made it easier for us. She showed us many hidden corners there that nowadays you'd never get to see (well, back then actually neither) - and it's something I'll never forget!!!
And before I go into too much detail: She said that once there was a room found in one of the very thick walls of the building, when renovations were made, and that it was like a room where someone had lived or at least stayed in secretly. There was some furniture and some such. But it hadn't been entered in years. And that a grave was found in the stone-floor where they found the remains of a male with a disfigured face. There were no papers that could have said who he was, what his name was, etc, the only thing that had stayed intact was a golden wedding ring with the name *Christine* engraved into it.
Now you can make of this whatever you like. I can say that our *guide* didn't seem the excited story-telling kind, she kind of told this matter of factly and shrugged like... well, that's what happened. And she only ever told us after we'd asked her, at the end of our tour...

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And here goes my first offical entry... and some mainly fun photos:

We had a good journey, good flight, everything went really well. Got our car super-fast, almost didn't find it as now you have to pick up the rental cars in a parking building near the airport and let's just say it's kind of hidden. We had a silver Nissan Micra which worked a treat - and we spotted this type of car over and over again all over Ireland. Must be a favourite? It looks smaller on the outside, but actually a lot fits in. Our luggage certainly did. :)

We drove to the first house we had rented... and got SO LOST!
You really need a navigator there. Once you know your way you're just fine, but searching the house for the first time... no chance.
The lady who owns it knew we were on the way and called me to ask if we were nearby and I was like yeah, in the village you told me NOT to go to. LOL. We really ended up there. So she came by car to pick us up. I guess she found it just as hilarious. :D
Some tea was awaiting us... and a really large but cosy and lovely house. I'd take that one anytime! Plus big spacious gardens and all *on your own*. No neighbours directly nearby yet you're not really far away from the next village (...) or main road. Handy!

In the morning, Sunday, we discovered we had a couple of cats to adopt.
The lady had warned us there were cats, wild-ish ones that her husband actually fed and looked after a bit. Figured out there were 3 fluffy white cats, one without a tail, one big-ish one and then a slender one. All of them too shy to be touched but nosy enough to peer into the kitchen, especially since there was a small bowl for them by the kitchen door anyway.
So... Nurdhegilwen's familiar with adopting-cats-for-a-week-in-Ireland - we did just that. LOL.
Some while later I discovered 2 kitten in the shed behind the house - one white and one - BLACK!!! :D SO cute. Unfortunately I've no photos of them as they were well hidden and the slender cat which I soon called *mum* was always guarding them, but I saw them play a couple of times. AW!
The big cat seemed to be the guardian of the house as he mostly slept by the kitchen door and usually was the first one to visit us as soon as someone started strolling around the house in the morning. >^.^<

Here go pics:

1st week - 1st house: My Bed *our* Cats
1st week - 1st house: My Bed

I had to take a photo of it because it just looked rather nice... :) AND it was super-comfy! :D *misses it*
*our* Cats

How many do you spot? :D
Close up Meow Narnia in the Garden?
Close up Meow

They were too shy to be touched, but still adorable and one of them which I think was a male kept on guarding our house. :)
Narnia in the Garden?

Well... you never know, right? :D
Our Car, our Bear, our Tiger... Boots!
Our Car, our Bear, our Tiger...

LOL, the bear's mum's (yes, it's a teddybear dressed up as a gingerbread-man LOL), the tiger's mine. They were posing during the whole holiday. Here they're showing off our lovely (rented) silver (no, not a Volvo, sorry) Nissan Micra. :D

We had to buy some definitely-waterproof boots for the falconry lesson, so here they are... :) In the end we had to leave them in Ireland. They were really heavy and also big, no space in our luggage... but they should have a good home by now - we gave them to the lady who owns the 2nd house we rented and she found them lovely. :)
THE Restaurant of Navan Synchro Swans
THE Restaurant of Navan

You love Indian Food? You are in Ireland? Preferably near Navan? You'd like to visit a drool-icious restaurant? Here it is!!! *waves @ Nicole!!!*
Synchro Swans

You won't believe when I say that I actually WAITED for them to do something else than scratch their tums for ages... both at the same time... in the end I gave up and took THIS photo instead. :)
Mini-Birdie Natural Beauty

Who spots the Robin? :D
Natural Beauty

This one was really unusual - I've definitely not seen any such flower before.

Sunday was a tiny drama-day as Ed discovered one of the car's tires was losing air. I called the lady asking if she knew where we best could get that fixed and well, she came over along with her son who grabbed the tire and went off in search for *someone to fix it on a Sunday*. Bless them for their help!!!
In the meanwhile we were told to *go somewhere and enjoy the day* so we went to the next town to do some food shopping and also to visit a small local market that sold yummy homemade jams, scones, cheese, veggies and... small packs of scrabooking crafty things. They were thrown in between the scones. LOL.
So it was a bit of a lazy shopping Sunday *only* but way ok for us as all three of us were really tired after tough times at work and then travel-Saturday...

Arrived back at the house and got our tire back immediately, fixed by whoever for 7 Euro only. Woooooooooooh! :D

Well, and my next entries will be more adventurous, I promise. ;)

Um, can anyone tell me why LJ leaves such a huge empty space between my texts BEFORE the pics? In EVERY post??? :(

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The Poulnabrone Dolmen, Burren, Ireland Hello everyone!!! *collective hug*

I couldn't resist posting a first entry tonight... and adding some photos... I took so many and I tried to make a fun selection for you (*waves @ meathiel LOL*)... I will write more and post more photos. We had an amazing time and there will be lots to share both here and also with my dear coven sisters & brother. I hope you'll enjoy these first ones... And also: I will try to get back on track with LJ as quickly as possible, but I've no idea what work will be like (hahah, awful, yes, but HOW awful?), I'll do my best. :)

-- this is the Poulnabrone Dolmen, Burren area, Ireland
Me and my Owl Me and my Owl

We got introduced to this little lovely during our falconry lesson by the Newgrange Falconry. She's amazing! And her feathers are so soft! More information to come. :)
A Beauty in the Flowers A Beauty in the Flowers

... taken at the Burren Perfumery garden... in the Burren. :)
Mum and her new best Friend Mum and her new best Friend

do I need to say more? LOL. She just loves cuddling plants.
Faces in the Sky Faces in the Sky

... and one evening, they just looked down... I don't know what they were searching for...
Do you see the faces? It was quite something to view!!!
A Happy Kitty... A Happy Kitty...

... at the Burren Perfumery... :D
A Path To The Past... A Path To The Past...

... which it really was for me, but that'll be something to share on a more personal level.
This is a re-building of a Crannog, a dwelling in a lake, only accessable via this bridge.
Me hiding... Me hiding...

... or trying to. ;)
And then She divided... And then She divided...

... the plants. LOL. At the Burren Perfumery Gardesn.
This be MY lamp! This be MY lamp!

near Tara... let's just say the birds there are fun. :)
A Wild Ride... A Wild Ride...

we really had a WAY wild ride to the smalles of the Aran Islands, Inishere. The waters got even wilder than here, which was when I had to stop taking photos and simply held on so I wouldn't be tossed around the boat. Let's just say WOW. I can't stand rollercoasters, but THIS was quite something. :D
Casting Shadows... Casting Shadows...

... at the Burren area... I love this area. I could spend weeks there and still find new places and things to see. You just want to sit down there and simply spend time there...
And yes, this shadow is me. :)
I'll get you! I'll get you!

This would be mum chasing Ed around the car. He was teasing her endlessly, so she started chasing him around and around the car... LOL
Sun Sun

I love how the Sun creates the most amazing pictures like this... including the rainbow-arrow in this one. :)

Marta - Naurwen


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