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No worries, I won't write any spoilers. Promise. :D

We got later to the cinema area where the premiere was held than we'd expected, but it's at the other end of the city centre and there was nothing we could have done about that. So we didn't really get to stand anywhere up front, but luckily digi-cams exist so I managed to get these two GOOD photos (and a couple of less good ones ;), even with *Luna* as well:

Neville and also Luna - in the background Neville and also Luna - in the background

I never realized I got a picture of *Luna*. when we were around there we didn't see her and only saw her once I'd turned in my camera. Hah! This is great! :D
It's Neville again :D It's Neville again :D

Remember the first Hary Potter movie... he's quite grown up by now, huh?

We went into the cinema building where there was a bit of food here and there (mini-sandwiches) and some orange juice and rumour has it also some alcohol, just don't ask me where. Never seen any there. There were some Swiss celebrities, but most of them I don't recognize anyway, so... ahem. No idea. LOL
At some point we had to turn in my camera and then went to watch the movie. Intro was done (live) by Sven Epiney (Swiss TV guy) who actually made it quite nicely as in not throwing silly rude jokes or whatever. There was a stage in front of the huge screen and to our surprise both actors came up there and Sven interviewed them which was great fun and interesting, too. Somehow Evanna Lynch talked so much in a manner just like Luna (the way she spoke etc.) it was kinda funny. :D They mentioned they'd been on a boat-trip on the lake of Zurich yesterday. Huh!
One thing that I *can* tell as it's non-revealing anything of the movie really is that there's a scene where they eat lots of profiteroles, you know, sweet pastry, chocolatey. And Matthew Lewis (=Neville) mentioned that they had to film that scene something like 20 times on one and the same day and that he wolfed down so many profiteroles after the first take already and then had to keep on eating them that he felt kind of sick by the evening. LOL I can imagine that pretty well! They DID look yummy though in the movie. :9

Well, and then we watched the movie.
Which is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pity I can't go blah about it right now, but I won't do that to you. :)
Let me just say that it's really great. Those who've read the book will know all that awaits you and it's all there really. Some stuff... love potion - absolutely hilarious!!! Slughorn is sort of just as I had imagined him from reading the book... and it was great to see a bit more of Snape! Funky Quidditch stuff! Watch out for Luna's Gryffindor fandom during the game. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It has all the *fun stuff* as well as of course the darkness.
And I can't wait to see it again. Then in English please. The German dubbing wasn't bad, but it just isn't the same.

*bounces happily off to bed*

The Beauties of our Balcony The Beauties of our Balcony

Sprinkled with rain :D

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Ladybird Lavender Ladybird Lavender
I saved this little fellow from the bathroom window and set it into our lavender pot on the balcony yesterday... well, and by this morning it had chosen to explore the lavender. :)

Just a cheerful little post... I had to post this photo. I love ladybirds, I love lavender...


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