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I feel the need to do a bit of advertising for one of my favourite book series:
Books 1-3 will be out in a reprint in May, June and July, book 4 will be released in August 2011.
All I can say is that I’ve loved 1-3 so far, and they’re a definitely “pagan read”. :D
You can also check out the Stonewylde newsletter:
Which includes some spring equinox-ness right now as well. :) And if you like it all as much as I do – there’s also a bit of a community (all nice and nuts people, someone once said LOL. You know, them weird pagans… ;D).

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This will be cross-posted here and at livingweb. :)
I am only posting the photos of the bracelet that's already arrived at its new owner's by now - the other photos of the already finished and sent off bracelets are HERE if you'd like to have a look:

If you however have ordered your bracelet and would rather have a surprise in your mail - don't have a look here. It's up to you - I don't mind. ;)

Apollon bracelet - custom made for Sabine
Apollon bracelet - custom made for Sabine
I chose the crystals (and colours) according to attributes of Apollon, same goes for the groups of 3 crystals and once 7 - numbers that go with Apollon, too. The central stone is attached with wire - triangle fitting here nicely too. :)
Apollon bracelet - custom made for Sabine
Apollon bracelet - custom made for Sabine
this is how the bracelet is worn.

I'm really excited about this all because it's been pure pleasure making these bracelets, its given me a huge kick of inspiration and I've had free reign to be creative and could let intuition take over.
I must say that while I loved making ALL of those bracelets, the Apollon one was most special to me. Maybe because he's also a God of the arts I could connect there especially well. I don't know, it all just *worked*.
*happy dance here*

Now I've 3 more bracelets to make - or 4.
And I'll be up for more orders now.

I can't even tell you how happy and excited I am. I haven't got the words for it all. :)))
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Knowth The Sun Stones
While Newgrange is the main site people want to visit in the Boyne Valley area, Knowth is the second one and just as interesting, though different... It consists of one huge site and several smaller ones such as the one in this picture, plus some more... let's call them *features*... :)
The Sun Stones
White Quartzite as the dictionary tells me... in Irish (and I don't remember the words *sigh*), translated, it's called *Sun-Stone*. Those stones were either placed as a path around the major big site OR they were its wall - one doesn't know. Knowth's stones were put up as a path, while Newgrange's were re-built into its wall, so you can see both solutions nowadays...
The big site of Knowth Boyne River
The big site of Knowth
From afar... comparing with those two visitors you can see how large it is!
Boyne River
... which flows through the Boyne Valley... and is connected to the Goddess Boann... whose home Newgrange is... :)
The triple spiral of Newgrange The entrance to Newgrange
The triple spiral of Newgrange
The most famous ornament of all those sites... and also the symbol of the Brú na Boinne Centre which is the entrance to visiting these two sites. It's one of my favourite ornaments.
The entrance to Newgrange
Here you can see the entrance stone which I find really amazing and beautiful... as well as the entrance itself AND the *window* above which lets the sun come in on the days of and around the Winter Solstice. The memories of last year when we were there!!!! *aw*
An ornamented stone of Newgrange Newgrange and the Sky...
An ornamented stone of Newgrange
It's difficult to photograph those as the ornaments are actually best seen when the stone's wet. Speaking from experience. LOL. This one is somewhere at the back of Newgrange.
Newgrange and the Sky...
No, it wasn't about to rain like mad, we had nice weather when we were there. The sky just decided to put up a dramatic show for this photo. :D
Newgrange from afar
Newgrange from afar
... again so you can see how big it is. The *things* on the right are *huge* standing stones and the tiny little spot between them and Newgrange is a human (? well, you never know, do you? LOL).

Nowadays when we're in Ireland, staying in a cottage somewhere we're never really out of civilization, but let's just say making holidays this way is a bit on the less touristic side. Now... if you visit a place like Newgrange you sort of have to mentally prepare yourself to get into the *flood of tourists*, good and bad.
So... while I LOVE these sites, I visit them over and over again, on the other hand you have no chance to spend some quality time there. You visit them and you've about 40 minutes to stay at each site - includes a guided tour where you're in a group. You're always given a tiny bit of time to explore for yourself, but yeah... it's not the same.
That's why I treasure visiting lesser known sites such as Loughcrew, Drombeg, Carrowmore, Knocknarea, etc.
And on Tara many tourists get bored as for them there's *not enough to see* and even if they stroll a bit further you can still escape them by just... walking even further away. LOL

We went to Knowth and Newgrange in the Boyne Valley together with my penpal Evelyn who's Irish and who I met up with. Yey! :D
And we were lucky not to be in too bad tourist groups. Sometimes some are really awful but there most people were nice and actually interested which is always a plus. We also had very good guides.

It was strange standing inside Newgrange again - it brought back memories of having been there for the Winter Solstice last year. THE memories. You remember mum had won us 2 places to spend the morning inside Newgrange to welcome the Sun? I just couldn't help and grinned like a looney while we were inside Newgrange now again. LOL

Later that evening we also visited Tara - and spent some real quality time there. :) Quality time for pagans and witches that is. :)
I can highly recommend going there in the very late afternoon or evening.
Maybe not on Samhain. I'm not sure what's going on there in the late hours. ;)

Here's a link to a FAB webpage:

Telling about Newgrange, Knowth and all the other Irish sites!
Questions? Ask. :)
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A blessed Lughnasad! A blessed Lughnasad!

Whenever and wherever you celebrate - may your Lughnasadh be blessed! :)


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The Poulnabrone Dolmen, Burren, Ireland Hello everyone!!! *collective hug*

I couldn't resist posting a first entry tonight... and adding some photos... I took so many and I tried to make a fun selection for you (*waves @ meathiel LOL*)... I will write more and post more photos. We had an amazing time and there will be lots to share both here and also with my dear coven sisters & brother. I hope you'll enjoy these first ones... And also: I will try to get back on track with LJ as quickly as possible, but I've no idea what work will be like (hahah, awful, yes, but HOW awful?), I'll do my best. :)

-- this is the Poulnabrone Dolmen, Burren area, Ireland
Me and my Owl Me and my Owl

We got introduced to this little lovely during our falconry lesson by the Newgrange Falconry. She's amazing! And her feathers are so soft! More information to come. :)
A Beauty in the Flowers A Beauty in the Flowers

... taken at the Burren Perfumery garden... in the Burren. :)
Mum and her new best Friend Mum and her new best Friend

do I need to say more? LOL. She just loves cuddling plants.
Faces in the Sky Faces in the Sky

... and one evening, they just looked down... I don't know what they were searching for...
Do you see the faces? It was quite something to view!!!
A Happy Kitty... A Happy Kitty...

... at the Burren Perfumery... :D
A Path To The Past... A Path To The Past...

... which it really was for me, but that'll be something to share on a more personal level.
This is a re-building of a Crannog, a dwelling in a lake, only accessable via this bridge.
Me hiding... Me hiding...

... or trying to. ;)
And then She divided... And then She divided...

... the plants. LOL. At the Burren Perfumery Gardesn.
This be MY lamp! This be MY lamp!

near Tara... let's just say the birds there are fun. :)
A Wild Ride... A Wild Ride...

we really had a WAY wild ride to the smalles of the Aran Islands, Inishere. The waters got even wilder than here, which was when I had to stop taking photos and simply held on so I wouldn't be tossed around the boat. Let's just say WOW. I can't stand rollercoasters, but THIS was quite something. :D
Casting Shadows... Casting Shadows...

... at the Burren area... I love this area. I could spend weeks there and still find new places and things to see. You just want to sit down there and simply spend time there...
And yes, this shadow is me. :)
I'll get you! I'll get you!

This would be mum chasing Ed around the car. He was teasing her endlessly, so she started chasing him around and around the car... LOL
Sun Sun

I love how the Sun creates the most amazing pictures like this... including the rainbow-arrow in this one. :)

Marta - Naurwen

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Planned and going to be... here:

Unfortunately the webpage is in German only, but basically it's by the lady whose two workshops we went to last year.
It will be a museum related to both past and present, thus also showing about paganism and wicca nowadays.

Talking about a great idea! :)
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Samhain Samhain

I wish all of you a Blessed Samhain!!!


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