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I remember that my father smoked, but I only lived in the Czech Rep. (with him and mum) until I was 6 years old.
My mum never smoked and somehow I was never around smokers until I was... hmh... 20 or so.
Thing is I get strong allergic reactions to smoke. My eyes go mad, my nose blocks as does my throat.
While I don't give a s*** if someone smokes I have to say: Not in my face and definitely not in a locked room with me and even if in the same room, please miles away from me. The reactions I get stay for up to 4 days when I had to inhale smoke for like 5 minutes. No thanks. I feel really miserable, as if I can't breathe and as if I'm about to get very sick. No thanks again.

So... I was the one who did a happy dance when I realized Ireland's pubs were going non-smoking...
It wasn't great to not be able to go out anywhere cause of smoking being allowed everywhere. :(((
Switzerland's still behind with all this. Lots of voting going on cause of pro or contra smoking and no real decisions made. I mean, no, there have been decisions and laws made, but then others started protesting against them and blah. So there are still many restaurants, bars, etc. that don't really provide a room for non-smokers. They might have the place divided, but since those aren't separate rooms or the likes that doesn't help ME very much.

Oh yeah, and I couldn't date, live with or marry a smoker either.
First of all I find it really disgusting, second... no thanks to permanent allergies. :(
But go and mention this and you're treated as if you're being a racist towards smokers.
It's annoying the hell out of me.


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