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Hi everyone :)
As it's late this most probably will be a short entry only (hahah, everyone sighing in relief, eh?), but I really wanted to upload a couple of the photos I took this weekend NOW. More to follow! :D I certainly had some fun with my camera...
So... basically mum and me went walking up on the Uetliberg & further which is one of the hillsides near Zurich and following down the lake of Zurich (it's a large lake and rather long. and as I usually say, it's banana-shaped. :)). Here go the photos first:

The Cablecar of Felsenegg The Cablecar of Felsenegg
I don't like this sort of heights... I survived taking this cable car twice this weekend though - so go me!
View from Felsenegg View from Felsenegg
Shows part of the lake of Zurich, down to Rapperswil... :)
Blindschleiche! Blindschleiche!
So... dictionary says in english that's a *blind-worm*. OK, might be right, name-wise. :) It's NOT blind though. I can't recall where its name comes from. It's more like a snake, but non-poisonous and as far as I remember it's not a snake, either. So... whatever... LOL We *met* this little fellow right in the middle of the way, sunbathing. :) and it's not THAT little, actually it's quite large. Like a not that long snake...
Golden... Golden...
I just thought this looked so beautiful...!
On The Planet-Way... On The Planet-Way...
They just had to be photographed - as always. :) The tiger's mine, the zebra's mum's. And what they're sitting on is one station of the *planet-way*. This one's Neptune, and Neptune is also what they're leaning onto. :)
Some view... Some view...
... a farm house up on the Uetliberg...
Narnia? Narnia?
Ha! Seems we've got a Narnia-station up on Uetliberg! :D
The Best View Of The Uetliberg The Best View Of The Uetliberg
... or so they say. At least it's... um... green!? :D
Bumblebee! Bumblebee!
It took me ages to catch one on a good photo as they're so fast. :)
Another bzzzzzzzzzzzz Another bzzzzzzzzzzzz
And it took me ages for the camera to understand I wanted this little fellow on the picture and not all of the background... :)
Love! Love!
*aw* :)

On Saturday we took the train to Adliswil, then crawled the rather steep way up to the cable car station... the cable cars are new, just got renewed a couple of... days ago? So... they're more spacious, but what's a pain for me (and surprisingly also for mum now!): the windows on them NEARLY go to the ground. Now I'm not too happy with heights though I can manage stuff like that (by either staring into space or cursing or... well, you get the picture?). But windows that go down so close to the floor... *YUCK* that's a real killer. I really can't stand that. It makes me go sick. So I spent all the time staring upwards and cursing the cable car for going so slowly (not that I'd have been happy with FAST, hahah). And I HATE it when the cable car moves over the pillars! I hate it! Makes my stomach meet my throat! ARGH!
I survived... On Saturday we walked all the way from the upper cable car station, Felsenegg to the Uetliberg station. I can't recall how far that is, but it's a nice walk on top of the hills. It was really hot, summer weather, and we really enjoyed that! :D As you can see in the pics the views and sights are really beautiful - if you ever come to Zurich or somewhere near the lake of Zurich, it's worth it going up there for some walking. :)
We met that *blind-worm* on the way which was wow cause I've only ever seen one twice before and both times they were speeding away. This one was sun-bathing. :) Cute little fellow. They aren't dangerous by the way. :)
Also noticed that the planet-way has been repaired - some missing planets are back up now. LOL. Wonder who stole the old ones? I mean... what for? That would be like... oy, I've got Neptune! How cool is that? duh...
The planet-way leads from the main Uetliberg-station to a little further than Felsenegg by the way, starting with the sun (Uetliberg-station) and ending with Pluto. All *stations* have descriptions of the planets, so it's really interesting. :) Nice idea, me thinks.
Well, on Saturday we later took the train down from Uetliberg and got back home... and after a bit of refreshing went to the football-fanzone in the city centre. Some nice food there (although most of it is - as usual - way overpriced!!!) and a good atmosphere (apart from some major weirdos, some *ladies* waltzing the whole fanzone in hope of finding some customers, if you know what I mean, huh?), though unfortunately the Netherlands lost the game... :(

Again we went up by cable car to Felsenegg and then decided we won't do it for a couple of months anymore. It just doesn't do getting up there being all green in the face. :p
We walked in the other direction this time, Buchenegg or something like that... and got to a really nice restaurant up there, Chnusperhüüsli (basically that would be the Swiss-german name for the house of the witch in *Hänsel & Gretel*). They were really nice there (note: Avoiding the restaurant at Felsenegg is highly recommended as they're not only unfriendly but downright rude and overpriced anyway) and we had some salad with grilled chicken. Though - as often - how they can call a meal *with fresh salad* and then have 1/2 of it from tinned stuff is beyond me. But it's a nice place and kinda affordable enough (for one up there etc.) and as said, friendly and special too (the house is really lovely inside, all wood and *old*).
We then followed a route down the hill which prooved as quite a challenge as it was VERY steep and very stoney thus slippery... managed though won't take that one again as it's not really fun walking there, and also near the road.
We had to ask some old man with dog how to get to the wildpark Langenberg and he seemed like SO surprised to see us there at all, he was almost stuttering. LOL. Dunno. C'mon, we didn't look THAT bad. LOL.
So finally we arrived at the wildpark. It's this one here (though unfortunately the page is in German only... duh!):
It's one housing only animals that either live or have lived in Switzerland and the areas are rather large (for a Zoo...) so there are high chances you might only see about 1/3 of all animals or as today... hardly any as we had such hot weather. The entrance fee is non-existent, it's for free, but you can donate some money if you like.
What we ached for was some water to refresh ourselves and the restaurant to get something to drink AND ice cream. :)
After that we walked through the forest there to get to the train station and saw the wildcats on the way *awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww*!!! 2 not that brilliant (but at least some!) photos to follow! Never seen them before as usually they've been hiding. :D
And then saw the bunch of wolves lazying in the sun. *awwwwwwwww* Heeheeh. They SO couldn't be bothered. :)
Well, and finally hopped on the train to get back home.

It was brilliant to be outdoors both days, enjoying the sun and being out and away from everything. Might mean that I'll throttle someone at work tomorrow. LOL.
And yes, I'm aware of this actually being a LONG entrance. LOL. :D


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