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This will be cross-posted here and at livingweb. :)
I am only posting the photos of the bracelet that's already arrived at its new owner's by now - the other photos of the already finished and sent off bracelets are HERE if you'd like to have a look:

If you however have ordered your bracelet and would rather have a surprise in your mail - don't have a look here. It's up to you - I don't mind. ;)

Apollon bracelet - custom made for Sabine
Apollon bracelet - custom made for Sabine
I chose the crystals (and colours) according to attributes of Apollon, same goes for the groups of 3 crystals and once 7 - numbers that go with Apollon, too. The central stone is attached with wire - triangle fitting here nicely too. :)
Apollon bracelet - custom made for Sabine
Apollon bracelet - custom made for Sabine
this is how the bracelet is worn.

I'm really excited about this all because it's been pure pleasure making these bracelets, its given me a huge kick of inspiration and I've had free reign to be creative and could let intuition take over.
I must say that while I loved making ALL of those bracelets, the Apollon one was most special to me. Maybe because he's also a God of the arts I could connect there especially well. I don't know, it all just *worked*.
*happy dance here*

Now I've 3 more bracelets to make - or 4.
And I'll be up for more orders now.

I can't even tell you how happy and excited I am. I haven't got the words for it all. :)))
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I'm rushing off to watch *Wallander* on TV, but I wanted to post this first... so... the photos show most of it all... well, part of the faire anyway. ;)
I went to Basel on Friday night and stayed at Nurdhegilwen's... :D We had a feast of veggies and tzatziki and watched *Twilight*. WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! :D

And the next morning we had that yummy breakfast you can see here and then headed off to Kaiseraugst where Augusta Raurica is... there are many Roman sites in that area, spread all over the places there... And that's where the Roman Faire is held every year...

Breakfast @ Nicole's Tablet Weaving Frame
Breakfast @ Nicole's
With freshly made scones... :D
Tablet Weaving Frame
And this is a table weaving frame. :) Mine at home is somewhat different, long-ish, a bit smaller.
Tablet Weaving Art Tablet Weaving Bracelets
Tablet Weaving Art
As you can see you can make some really amazing stuff this way! :)
Tablet Weaving Bracelets
Another cool idea :)
The Picture Maker's Stall Roman art...
The Picture Maker's Stall
There was nobody at the stall so we never got to know more but apparently it's pictures made after existing Roman art.
Roman art...
... on the slightly erotic side? ;)
Chili! The Roman Theatre and...
Yum! there was an area where herbs and chili were sold. :D
The Roman Theatre and...
... something weird flying around. See that black *thing*? I guess it's a bird, but I really never caught one that weirdly on a photo! :)
Roman Theatre again... Roman boxing... wrestling...
Roman Theatre again...
I like how the trees grow that high up right on the theatre walls... this is the backside of the theatre, by the way.
Roman boxing... wrestling...
Yes, they ARE wearing funny *gloves*... :D Apparently those were only worn during training though. Rules in Roman times were... you weren't allowed to hold your *enemy*... else basically pretty much everything was allowed. Ouch!
The Roman Museum at Augusta... Roman Art...
The Roman Museum at Augusta...
... slightly more decorated than usual.
Roman Art...
... and there's much more of this to see...
Roman Theatre 3... Roarr!
Roman Theatre 3...
... near the front of the theatre...
Of course *someone* travelled along again. :D And that would be the theatre in the background. ;)
Kids for the Legions! Oink!
Kids for the Legions!
They had quite the drill sergeant there!
A real Roman pig. :)
More animals... Bar Delirium
More animals...
there was a horse carriage you could travel with. Not quite Roman, but still a nice idea.
Bar Delirium
*grin* they had this huge cauldron again, full of *magic potion* (as in the magic potion in *Asterix and Obelix*)... which was actually Caipirinha. *LOL* Yum!
Yumminess that I had to share as you can see. :)

We don't really *do Roman*, so we're on none of the photos dressed up or anything. Just in case that you wondered. :)
By the tablet weaving stall we met fiofiorina - at last! LOL We'd missed each other at this faire last year and I'm sure at this or that medieval faire before as well, but finally it worked out and we chatted for a bit. *waves* :D

Rushing off to watch TV now... questions? Feel free to ask. :)


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