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Loughcrew Gardens... including fairies! :)
Loughcrew Gardens... including fairies! :)

Here's a proof: A Geranium fairy! :D
The Loughcrew gardens are lovely - a wide area to walk in, not to crowded with plants, but just... really nice. And a lovely little house by the entrance with homemade food and unique and unusal little things to buy, such as special fairy cards, natural cosmetics, books... :)

The Gate To...
The Gate To...

... the old walled garden which nowadays is a field for horses...

A Most Mysterious Statue...
A Most Mysterious Statue...

... is it just me or does this strange statue generally wake the urge to think of a story to tell about it??? I think it's beautiful - as it is now.

A beautiful Tree...
A beautiful Tree...

... and one of many there :)


I find these so cheerful! :)

And Water, too...
And Water, too...

This is how I'd imagine *my* garden... this and lots of herbs etc. added to it. :)

Another proof...
Another proof...

... of fairies in those gardens... :)

Marta in the Woods
Marta in the Woods

*grin* This tree just so much *wanted* to have someone to climb around it... :)

Roarr @ photographer
Roarr @ photographer

LOL. I don't know if I really intended to look like I'd attack anytime soon... :D Maybe if I apply for a new job somewhere I should use THIS photo? What do ya think?

More Flowers
More Flowers

Have I mentioned it was a wonderful, hot, sunny day?


I caught someone munching! :)

The Eiffel Tower...
The Eiffel Tower...

... actually stands in the Loughcrew Gardens. Didn't you know? LOL
I've no clue WHY it stands there. And I forgot to ask *smacks forehead*.
And the human being standing right beside it is my mum. :D

I hope you've enjoyed this walk through the Loughcrew gardens?
Next photos will be of Loughcrew itself... as in where the ancient sites are. The hill itself is also called the *Hill of the Witch*. :)
And we caught such an amazing sunny day for our trip to there. For the last (and first) time we'd been there it had been grey-ish and a bit rainy (though not too bad), so this time we got the most amazing views down from the hill!
More next time!  :)

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And here goes my first offical entry... and some mainly fun photos:

We had a good journey, good flight, everything went really well. Got our car super-fast, almost didn't find it as now you have to pick up the rental cars in a parking building near the airport and let's just say it's kind of hidden. We had a silver Nissan Micra which worked a treat - and we spotted this type of car over and over again all over Ireland. Must be a favourite? It looks smaller on the outside, but actually a lot fits in. Our luggage certainly did. :)

We drove to the first house we had rented... and got SO LOST!
You really need a navigator there. Once you know your way you're just fine, but searching the house for the first time... no chance.
The lady who owns it knew we were on the way and called me to ask if we were nearby and I was like yeah, in the village you told me NOT to go to. LOL. We really ended up there. So she came by car to pick us up. I guess she found it just as hilarious. :D
Some tea was awaiting us... and a really large but cosy and lovely house. I'd take that one anytime! Plus big spacious gardens and all *on your own*. No neighbours directly nearby yet you're not really far away from the next village (...) or main road. Handy!

In the morning, Sunday, we discovered we had a couple of cats to adopt.
The lady had warned us there were cats, wild-ish ones that her husband actually fed and looked after a bit. Figured out there were 3 fluffy white cats, one without a tail, one big-ish one and then a slender one. All of them too shy to be touched but nosy enough to peer into the kitchen, especially since there was a small bowl for them by the kitchen door anyway.
So... Nurdhegilwen's familiar with adopting-cats-for-a-week-in-Ireland - we did just that. LOL.
Some while later I discovered 2 kitten in the shed behind the house - one white and one - BLACK!!! :D SO cute. Unfortunately I've no photos of them as they were well hidden and the slender cat which I soon called *mum* was always guarding them, but I saw them play a couple of times. AW!
The big cat seemed to be the guardian of the house as he mostly slept by the kitchen door and usually was the first one to visit us as soon as someone started strolling around the house in the morning. >^.^<

Here go pics:

1st week - 1st house: My Bed *our* Cats
1st week - 1st house: My Bed

I had to take a photo of it because it just looked rather nice... :) AND it was super-comfy! :D *misses it*
*our* Cats

How many do you spot? :D
Close up Meow Narnia in the Garden?
Close up Meow

They were too shy to be touched, but still adorable and one of them which I think was a male kept on guarding our house. :)
Narnia in the Garden?

Well... you never know, right? :D
Our Car, our Bear, our Tiger... Boots!
Our Car, our Bear, our Tiger...

LOL, the bear's mum's (yes, it's a teddybear dressed up as a gingerbread-man LOL), the tiger's mine. They were posing during the whole holiday. Here they're showing off our lovely (rented) silver (no, not a Volvo, sorry) Nissan Micra. :D

We had to buy some definitely-waterproof boots for the falconry lesson, so here they are... :) In the end we had to leave them in Ireland. They were really heavy and also big, no space in our luggage... but they should have a good home by now - we gave them to the lady who owns the 2nd house we rented and she found them lovely. :)
THE Restaurant of Navan Synchro Swans
THE Restaurant of Navan

You love Indian Food? You are in Ireland? Preferably near Navan? You'd like to visit a drool-icious restaurant? Here it is!!! *waves @ Nicole!!!*
Synchro Swans

You won't believe when I say that I actually WAITED for them to do something else than scratch their tums for ages... both at the same time... in the end I gave up and took THIS photo instead. :)
Mini-Birdie Natural Beauty

Who spots the Robin? :D
Natural Beauty

This one was really unusual - I've definitely not seen any such flower before.

Sunday was a tiny drama-day as Ed discovered one of the car's tires was losing air. I called the lady asking if she knew where we best could get that fixed and well, she came over along with her son who grabbed the tire and went off in search for *someone to fix it on a Sunday*. Bless them for their help!!!
In the meanwhile we were told to *go somewhere and enjoy the day* so we went to the next town to do some food shopping and also to visit a small local market that sold yummy homemade jams, scones, cheese, veggies and... small packs of scrabooking crafty things. They were thrown in between the scones. LOL.
So it was a bit of a lazy shopping Sunday *only* but way ok for us as all three of us were really tired after tough times at work and then travel-Saturday...

Arrived back at the house and got our tire back immediately, fixed by whoever for 7 Euro only. Woooooooooooh! :D

Well, and my next entries will be more adventurous, I promise. ;)

Um, can anyone tell me why LJ leaves such a huge empty space between my texts BEFORE the pics? In EVERY post??? :(

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No worries, I won't write any spoilers. Promise. :D

We got later to the cinema area where the premiere was held than we'd expected, but it's at the other end of the city centre and there was nothing we could have done about that. So we didn't really get to stand anywhere up front, but luckily digi-cams exist so I managed to get these two GOOD photos (and a couple of less good ones ;), even with *Luna* as well:

Neville and also Luna - in the background Neville and also Luna - in the background

I never realized I got a picture of *Luna*. when we were around there we didn't see her and only saw her once I'd turned in my camera. Hah! This is great! :D
It's Neville again :D It's Neville again :D

Remember the first Hary Potter movie... he's quite grown up by now, huh?

We went into the cinema building where there was a bit of food here and there (mini-sandwiches) and some orange juice and rumour has it also some alcohol, just don't ask me where. Never seen any there. There were some Swiss celebrities, but most of them I don't recognize anyway, so... ahem. No idea. LOL
At some point we had to turn in my camera and then went to watch the movie. Intro was done (live) by Sven Epiney (Swiss TV guy) who actually made it quite nicely as in not throwing silly rude jokes or whatever. There was a stage in front of the huge screen and to our surprise both actors came up there and Sven interviewed them which was great fun and interesting, too. Somehow Evanna Lynch talked so much in a manner just like Luna (the way she spoke etc.) it was kinda funny. :D They mentioned they'd been on a boat-trip on the lake of Zurich yesterday. Huh!
One thing that I *can* tell as it's non-revealing anything of the movie really is that there's a scene where they eat lots of profiteroles, you know, sweet pastry, chocolatey. And Matthew Lewis (=Neville) mentioned that they had to film that scene something like 20 times on one and the same day and that he wolfed down so many profiteroles after the first take already and then had to keep on eating them that he felt kind of sick by the evening. LOL I can imagine that pretty well! They DID look yummy though in the movie. :9

Well, and then we watched the movie.
Which is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pity I can't go blah about it right now, but I won't do that to you. :)
Let me just say that it's really great. Those who've read the book will know all that awaits you and it's all there really. Some stuff... love potion - absolutely hilarious!!! Slughorn is sort of just as I had imagined him from reading the book... and it was great to see a bit more of Snape! Funky Quidditch stuff! Watch out for Luna's Gryffindor fandom during the game. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It has all the *fun stuff* as well as of course the darkness.
And I can't wait to see it again. Then in English please. The German dubbing wasn't bad, but it just isn't the same.

*bounces happily off to bed*

The Beauties of our Balcony The Beauties of our Balcony

Sprinkled with rain :D


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