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Hello everyone

i'm back and this is my first post and will most probably be on the short side as i haven't had time to type anything more about my holidays, yet. yet. YET. more to come. most probably endless. you know how i can go on about one day, so imagine two weeks. *lol*
to make it short - we had the most brilliant time in ireland ***ever*** and the bestest weather, too, flights went very well, changing planes as well, everything fine. driving (Eduard) went very well, too. houses were brilliant - the second one near Athlone even more than Bruff *wanttogoback*, B&B in Dublin was great, too AND we went to see ***Riverdance*** in Dublin which was absolutely amazing - SUCH an atmosphere, so great - AW!!! especially never had such an atmosphere at a show before, people cheering and applauding like mad and simply purely enjoying themselves. AW!!!
hmh... what else in the short... luggage-wise everything went fine, too - were overweight only by 1kg each and that didn't bother Ryanair at all*yay* - dragged heavy books in hand luggage and stuffed them into suitcases when changing planes in Stansted (=Easyjet). :D i was so well behaved about buying books until we went to Cruachan Ai (=ancient site and high king seat in Ireland, one of them... Amanda, remember? it's the one where we got *drowned in the field* as i like to say... lots of rain, we stuck in the middle of a field walking around?). that was the moment when i couldn't resist and bought 4 straight away. ahem. they're definitely not available here, so that's an excuse i guess. :) and theme-wise they're on the special side... so... anyway...

other than that back at home, frustrated and back at having itchy eyes and halfways blocked nose and so on. back to Zurich i guess. though it's strange, cause i felt perfectly fine even in Dublin, so i guess it must be something in the air here. it just feels awful when you get back to this when you've been 100%ly fine for 2 weeks. :(((

work-wise it's still the same here i guess... certain people behaving as annoyingly as ever before or even worse... lots of work coming in right now and i'm dispatching this week - it's more work for me but i'm kinda thankful as i'm way of *in control* of what i get. i'll need new training for a certain tool, so i can coordinate that better.

weather here's kinda awful... and i've just once again realized how awfully complicated people are here. it's driving me up the walls. seriously. if i'd take that *really* seriously i'd be on 24th floor by now.

ah, and aunt hasn't managed looking after our flat that well, either, which... is no surprise? drives me up the walls, too?
the only things we'd asked for and what has been done or not:

water the plants - done
PLEASE cut off my chamomile to dry it - ignored
turn of video recorder after use - ignored, hello electricity bill
please buy us some mineral water if you drink ours (just so we have some when we get back home) - ignored, but EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE has been drunk. thanks.
leave DVDs and videos somewhat in the place they were before (somewhat!) - i will be searching for things the next 2 weeks

other curiousities:
- knocked off stuff just laying around and never been picked up again? i mean... if i waltz into a cupboard and 5 things (being teddybears thus not exactly small?) fall on the floor i'd put them back?
- we leave fruits to rot. we've been told we can gladly take them, but we don't want them as they might be... poisoned? whatever... we don't throw them away, either. we leave them to rot or turn into fossils. stone-hard lemons can be fun when thrown at someone's head.
- TV gets turned off. always. completely. but we leave the videorecorder running. just... because.
- we let plants just rot away. we water them but when some leaves fall off them and crunch under our feet (balcony, not garden) we just let them lay around. we spend hours and days in the flat, but we walk around with closed eyes?
- we are told to f*** off and not mess with other people's relationships and no, we're not gladly seen on the day the dear relatives arrive back from holidays as they're busy and exhausted and have lots to do. we're not gladly seen the next day, either, when Eduard has to pack yet again and will be off to home and mum's occupied with washing and spending a last day (until October!) with him. yet we don't miss it to text over and over again and ask when *can we meet* and *how long will Eduard be here*. we don't quite get it into our brain that it's not our business and that we were told before that nobody wants us to meet up with him big time and that maybe we should get a life.

sorry, i just had to let that one out...
more later, cheery memories that will be.


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