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By popular demand - here's the first Opéra Garnier photos entry... *waves @ Nicole* ;D
There will be another separate one - I've just too many pics of the Opéra and can't decide. LOL

Hidden in the Opéra Garnier... Salamander
Hidden in the Opéra Garnier...
... are many beautiful corners... :)
This one, so I was once told there, was placed there to protect the Opéra from fire...
Lights... Night...?
I *always* take pictures of those... It all just looks so dramatic and beautiful.
... nope, it's just the difference between taking the photo using a flash or not... as you can see in the next picture. :)
Light! And once again...
And without using a flash... :)
And once again...
... view from the grand stairway...
Christine... Christine... The Dancer...
Christine... Christine...
... those of you who are familiar with the story of the Phantom of the Opera: I found this picture hung up on the 1st floor I think... her name is Christine Nilsson, and here she's shown as Juliette in Romeo et Juliette... Unfortunately no dates were given here. But it DID make us go whoooops... Christine... Nilsson being a Swedish name... and her being a dancer (as it's presumed she was a dancer and not a singer)... Um?
The Dancer...
... Daniela! :) Unfortunately most of my pictures of her turned out not too well, but this one's a fine one. :) We might just have to go back there and do another little photo shoot... :D
Plotting by the Phantom's Loge Waiting...
Plotting by the Phantom's Loge
We were checking out either the métro map or the map of Paris when Mum took this photo... :D Sitting near the loge number 5, the Phantom's loge (it's the one by the corner).
... for Eric? Daniela in front of loge number 5. :D
Waiting, too... Inside...
Waiting, too...
... and me in front of loge number 5. Well, me and a couple of orbs?
... the grand chandelier is so bright it's really difficult to take a good photo of it...
Especially for Nicole... Hunting...
Especially for Nicole...
... because there's a pidgeon. LOL
... this is a gobelin. It's absolutely fantastic, it looks like a painting really, but it's all gobelin. Trust me, I peered at it long enough. There are a couple of those in the Opéra.
Fairy! Gold! Gold! Gold!
I'd never noticed this painting before! Duh!
Gold! Gold! Gold!
It's all gold in the Opéra. Almost all. :)

We spent a nice long time inside the operahouse... and enjoyed it very much. :)
Didn't take a tour as we really know all there is to hear on those tours by now. We walked here and there and explored every corner. Mum sometimes stayed at a place and did some drawing while Daniela and me walked on, then came back for her... and at some point we did the ballett-photo shoot with Daniela.
I hope her pics of it turned out better than mine. *argh* But I've at least one good one!

This operahouse is the one where the story of *the Phantom of the Opera* is set.
You may have heard about it due to the famous (and beautiful) musical, or the musical-movie, or some of the other movies that have been made (in my opinion the one with Charles Dance as the Phantom is the best one there - it's the only one that catches the characters, the mood and that was actually filmed in this very operahouse. It differs from the original story, but that doesn't really matter to me... as it's a good *other version* of it.).
The original story came from he book (same title) by Gaston Leroux. :)
I can proudly say I chose exactly that book for my French diploma at DMS. *grin* Obsessed? Moi? ;D
Anyways... there have always been hints about that *something* once has happened there... like there *did* exist someone named Christine as well as some man who was disfigured, etc.
There are no proofs I guess, or none that are known of, anymore.
Mum and me once were given a private guided tour by an ex-ballett dancer of the opera. It was luck (...) really that we met her there and she offered it to us. She worked there anyway and seemed to like the idea of it, plus she spoke some German which made it easier for us. She showed us many hidden corners there that nowadays you'd never get to see (well, back then actually neither) - and it's something I'll never forget!!!
And before I go into too much detail: She said that once there was a room found in one of the very thick walls of the building, when renovations were made, and that it was like a room where someone had lived or at least stayed in secretly. There was some furniture and some such. But it hadn't been entered in years. And that a grave was found in the stone-floor where they found the remains of a male with a disfigured face. There were no papers that could have said who he was, what his name was, etc, the only thing that had stayed intact was a golden wedding ring with the name *Christine* engraved into it.
Now you can make of this whatever you like. I can say that our *guide* didn't seem the excited story-telling kind, she kind of told this matter of factly and shrugged like... well, that's what happened. And she only ever told us after we'd asked her, at the end of our tour...

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For your info...: I'm sick (tummy? maybe a tummy-flu?), I'm at home and crawling around... but at least I'm managing to upload some more photos.
I got a doc's appointment for Friday as he's not around on Thursday at all... guess that means I'll be done for the rest of the week with not going to work at all.
I can't see myself going to work tomorrow right now anyway...


At the Champs-Elysées And this explains...
At the Champs-Elysées
Le tigre and the leopard wanted to have pics taken there, too!
And this explains...
... how the *little travellers* got so high up... LOL Daniela was holding them up. Ah yes, and those two are HER travelleres. The *battle mouse* (right) and the wolf dressed up as a sheep (yes... and on the left).
La Pyramide inversée The Louvre
La Pyramide inversée
Inside the Louvre where you can see these two special pyramids. If you've seen the movie The Da Vinci Code you might remember them? And that would be my mum and le tigre and the leopard. :)
The Louvre
... in the evening :)
Louvre and the Pyramids Métro Station
Louvre and the Pyramids
Métro Station
I love those *old* stations, art-nouveau style entrance...
Cheers! Sushi!
And that would be beer... yes, they do have some beer-foam on their noses. :D
I. Want. A. Sushi. Delivery. Here!!! Or good sushi at all, that is!
Ice cream!!! Zzzzzzzzz
Ice cream!!!
As you can see I *always* have to share my food and drink with that little one... *sigh*
They all shared the spare bed in Daniela's hotel room... :D
... one of the marks, near the Louvre... again... seen Da Vinci Code? Then you will definitely know what this one is about. :)

A bit of a smaller entry here...
Here we went to the *Carousel du Louvre* which is the underground area there - there are shops, little cantine-like restaurants and it's the entry to the Louvre museum. We went there for something little to eat and had those FAB French *macrons*... YUM!
We strolled around the area, spotted some of the *Roseline* marks... took photos... shopped in the crafts area of the Virgin store (no, no virgins on sale there, not that I'd know of... it's mainly a media store, but also sells lots of books, paper stuff... etc.) which is small but has some nice goodies...

The Champs Elysées we visited a couple of times...
Also once in the late evening as it's beautiful lit up in the night... and there are cafés and restaurants you can go to as well as shops which are open until 11pm, so you definitely won't get bored there.
Besides... I love walking down the Champs Elysées from the Arc de Triomphe, down to the Louvre. It's a longer walk and really nice. :)
We dashed into *Sephora* twice which is cosmetics, make up, perfumes. Many brands, but also their own stuff which all three of us like a lot. Mum was looking for a certain eyelinger, special green-ish metallic gold colour which is the exact colour of her glasses (frames!) and which she once had bought there... and she got a similar one. :)
The ladies at the shop are really friendly and helpful. Yeah, sure, they're trying to sell as much stuff as possible, but I found they weren't pushy or anything - it was really nice to be able to ask about something and to actually being shown stuff in a friendly way, they were taking their time for you and even if you ended up only one thing that wasn't expensive at all - it didn't matter.
Can someone please teach sales people *here* such behaviour?
Here I prefer not to ask at all as I either just get a *dunno* (if lucky with a carefless shrug) or some unfriendly comment. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Hmh... my next Paris entry will be a real treat - Opéra Garnier visit. :D
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Mes Amis...

more photos of our Paris adventures! :)

We Walked To The Eiffel Tower... Views on the Seine...
We Walked To The Eiffel Tower...
... right from the Bois du Boulogne... So for once I approached it from right the other side. :) I really like how this photo turned out.
Views on the Seine...
... we took a boat tour on the Seine - it really gives you a different perspective and view on the buildings near the river. It was evening then so all photos are a little dark... Here you can also see one of the many boats - we never found two boats looking the same! They're all different.
On a Bridge... A Home?
On a Bridge...
... a view you can only get this close to from a boat...
A Home?
One of the boats on the Seine that looked like a houseboat to me... some of them had even more plants on them, real little gardens. :)
An Island... Notre Dame...
An Island...
... and I love the Willows here!
Notre Dame...
... viewed from the Seine. I'm not much into cathedrals and such, but I really like Notre Dame. :)
Sky! The Musée d'Orsay...
I loved the way the clouds looked so dramatic here so I took the photo even though it was right against the sunlight...
The Musée d'Orsay...
... which once was a train station...
And it ended by the Eiffel Tower... Eiffel Tower Ornaments...
And it ended by the Eiffel Tower...
... the boat tour. :)
Eiffel Tower Ornaments...
... that's why i like this *modern* building - the details.
OK, I know this is so NOT *en style* to post this here, but come ON... this was at a really nice restaurant on the Champs Elysées... we had lunch there... delicious salmon and fruit cocktails... And imagine then you, um, go to the toilet as people do and you find a cabin with TWO toilets. It's like *hang around and chat with a friend* or something. LOL!!! I just had to take the photo.

So what more's to say...
To take a boat trip on the Seine is really worth it, even if it's the very touristy thing to do. I know *someone* on here really will go *bleurgh, boats!*. LOL
It might be nice to go on a late evening trip, too...

We took the boat trip the day after the concert, when we were all tired and crawling around... :)

More photos to come of course... ;)
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Mes Amis...

My first photos of Paris... of the first evening and then Saturday / Sunday...

The Smallest Elevator In The World! Looking into Daniela's Hotel Room
The Smallest Elevator In The World!
In our hotel near the Opéra Garnier - it's meant for up to 2 persons. I think even ONE person has trouble breathing in there. Trust me - I've travelled with it twice. LOL So... we first went up to the 4th floor where our two rooms were one by one and then the monsieur at the reception desk put our luggage into the elevator and sent it up. *LOL*!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Looking into Daniela's Hotel Room
LOL - our rooms were sort of opposite of each other, around the corner, so we could have thrown stuff into each other's room. ;) This is Daniela in her room. :) And don't missunderstand the slightly shabby look of the house's wall - many buildings, hotels, in Paris would look like that but they're nice inside. It's a bit of a general thing. Besides - this was the look into the internal courtyard of the hotel building.
Internal Courtyard of the Hotel Opéra Garnier - by night
Internal Courtyard of the Hotel
They always make a pretty place out of the tiniest spaces. This courtyard belongs to the hotel and is right by the breakfast dining area.
Opéra Garnier - by night
We'd arrived after 7pm, went to the hotel first to unpack and shower, then went out for dinner... and our walk lead us to the beautiful building of the Opéra Garnier of course as it was so close to our hotel... To those who might not know - it's the phantom's opera as in *Phantom of the Opera*... the story having been firstly told in Gaston Leroux' novel and later re-told in movies and the famous musical. :) *adores*
Opéra Garnier - 2 Music-themed Details of the Opéra's Street Lights
Opéra Garnier - 2
There's the difference if you use flash with your camera (here) or not (previous pic)...
Music-themed Details of the Opéra's Street Lights
If in Paris - always look for details. There are so many!
Fragonard Quelque Chose A Manger?
This is very much worth a visit - a (free) guided tour in this building (it's wonderful inside!!!), telling you the story of parfum-making... It's fascinating and you get to try and sort scents yourself. Back many years ago a professional parfum-maker had to know 5000 scents, by now it's many, many more. I bought their *Etoile* - it's wonderful! :)
Quelque Chose A Manger?
Hungry anyone?
Le Tigre et Mylène On the Way to the Bois du Boulogne
Le Tigre et Mylène
My tiger is such a fan, too! :) This shop, tiny music shop in Paris, sells many special editions and unique and rare stuff of a couple of singers... Mylène included. The guy in there was really nice and helpful, all excited we'd be going to the concert at the Stade de France that very night. :) As you might have guessed from the pictures here Mylène's art is somewhat... unusual.
On the Way to the Bois du Boulogne
The Bois du Boulogne is a huge very *green* area of Paris, as in a huge park. A nice meeting place, jogging area, picnic area, whatever really. A big oasis in a huge city. :) I loved the houses here... It's also an area where you have to be able to afford to pay slightly more to live there.
Bois du Boulogne... Bois du Boulogne - Island
Bois du Boulogne...
... I love finding art, sculptures, somewhere hidden in parks...
Bois du Boulogne - Island
This restaurant is on the island of the large lake in the Bois du Boulogne. You can get there by using this boat which looks like a garden-made-into-a-boat. LOL
Splash? Je suis inkognito!
A couple and a dog in a boat... No, they didn't fall into the water in the end - not even the dog. :)
Je suis inkognito!
LOL - Daniela tried to hide from the paparazzi (moi). ;) - At the restaurant on the island...

The train journey with the TGV train which really is super-fast went really well - we arrived in Paris sometime after 7pm, took the métro (=underground) to the hotel which was only about 4 stations and then checked in.
One funny thing about Paris: The hotel elevators are TINY. They just are and that's that. Once you know that, it doesn't really matter. It's just a surprise when you're there for the first time.
Now... THIS hotel's elevator was beyond tiny. It was like - squash yourself against the wall of it so the doors can close and hope you don't get stuck. LOL
People at the hotel were really nice and charming and our room were comfy - and since Paris really wears you out we slept like stones every single night!

Saturday... was the day of Mylène's concert at the Stade de France, so we had breakfast and then went to Fragonard:
I love their *Etoile* perfume. It was Daniela who'd discovered it, but it smells completely different on both of us. That's the interesting thing about perfumes. :)
Then we went to this tiny music shop where Daniela got two special editions of Mylène's latest Maxi single and we got some nice photos of the current tour as well...
We had some nice Indian lunch and then headed back to the hotel to get ready to go to the concert.

I have no pics of the Stade de France as none of us took their camera with us.
I'll post a mobile-phone-made pic sometime later.
We got to the Stade de France which is H.U.G.E - loads of people were there, spread around the Stade waiting to be let in. There are entrances all around the Stade, named in alphabetical order - we had to wait at *S*. We couldn't find the end of the queue as it meshed with *T* so we asked where we should stand and the guys we asked were like bah, just sit here beside us, doesn't matter. This way we were really close to the entrance!
Daniela had brought 3 boxes of light-sticks which we gave to the people standing around us - it was Mylène's birthday that day and via a facebook message it was suggested to bring green-ish lightsticks to the concert as well as decided after which song we all should sing *joyeuse anniversaire* (happy birthday) - one has to love the internet for organizing stuff like that!!!
People were really happy they got our freebie sticks. ;D
Quite soon we were let into the hall and made a dash for the *catwalk* - there was a huge stage as well as a catwalk leading into the audience, ending in a *star*. We stood near the star, 3rd row. People were really nice and chatty, no pushing at ANY time during the concert - this way it was plain enjoyable!!! :D
It was an open-air concert so no problem with fresh air either AND the weather stayed nice and warm, perfect!

The concert started with Bale de Rua, some of their dance performances:

Then there was a small break... the stage itself was the biggest that had been put up in Europe... the Stade was sold out, around 75'000 people - and what an atmosphere!!!!!!!!!!! :D
It was something I'd never thought I'd take part in when I saw Mylène for the first time on MTV when I was just a kid... about 8 or 9 years old, when we'd only just arrived in Switzerland as refugees with no money and basically no nothing! It was an incredbile feeling to be there and to just think for a moment - hey, I've made it THAT far! F*** everyone who's tried to stop me, to put stones in my way, who's told me I'm just a dumb foreigner kid! T.H.E.R.E.!!!

I'm not going to go into every detail of the concert - don't worry. ;)
I know it's a fan-thing.
But it was incredible and great and WOW.
Mylène's got a way of making it really personal - maybe that's the reason why she tours very, very rarely and if then only a couple of concerts and that's that.
The songs were brilliant, the atmopshere was brilliant, when she went down the catwalk and her pianist was playing there (the piano was on the *star*) we got ready to wave our light-sticks and after she'd sung the song we'd been paying extra-attention for 75'000 people sang happy birthday to her. She really tried but I guess she had no chance - she started crying and it took her some time to calm again and then to sing again.
One huge moment of the concert - for me - was the very end, when she sang *Desenchantée* which was the very first song I'd known by her. It was an extra-long version of it and it absolutely ROCKED. The whole Stade pulsed with its beat, it was incredible!!! :D Nicole - Daniela and me rocked for you too there! ;D

And then it was over...
Slightly dazed we went to get Daniela's banner from where she'd hung it up and walked towards one of the exits when we saw the mobile cameras swinging by - so we held it up again and the camera came back to us and *took a closer look*. LOL It was actually cute. :)
Who knows - the whole concert has been filmed, it'll be on DVD at some point, maybe you'll spot us there. The banner said *Merci Mylène*, so... it would be a fitting picture for the end of the concert...

We went to one of the souvenir stalls then to get our goodies and among others I've got SUCH a cool raincoat now, red and black with the *MF* initials which of course aren't just Mylène's initials but MINE, too. HEEHEEH!!! :D

Then we got one of the last métros back to the hotel...

I think we slept like stones until way late...
And on Sunday we made it a very lazy day and went to the Bois de Boulogne for a walk and something to drink... and later went on a boat-tour on the Seine... but those photos I'll post later. :)
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I'm rushing off to watch *Wallander* on TV, but I wanted to post this first... so... the photos show most of it all... well, part of the faire anyway. ;)
I went to Basel on Friday night and stayed at Nurdhegilwen's... :D We had a feast of veggies and tzatziki and watched *Twilight*. WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! :D

And the next morning we had that yummy breakfast you can see here and then headed off to Kaiseraugst where Augusta Raurica is... there are many Roman sites in that area, spread all over the places there... And that's where the Roman Faire is held every year...

Breakfast @ Nicole's Tablet Weaving Frame
Breakfast @ Nicole's
With freshly made scones... :D
Tablet Weaving Frame
And this is a table weaving frame. :) Mine at home is somewhat different, long-ish, a bit smaller.
Tablet Weaving Art Tablet Weaving Bracelets
Tablet Weaving Art
As you can see you can make some really amazing stuff this way! :)
Tablet Weaving Bracelets
Another cool idea :)
The Picture Maker's Stall Roman art...
The Picture Maker's Stall
There was nobody at the stall so we never got to know more but apparently it's pictures made after existing Roman art.
Roman art...
... on the slightly erotic side? ;)
Chili! The Roman Theatre and...
Yum! there was an area where herbs and chili were sold. :D
The Roman Theatre and...
... something weird flying around. See that black *thing*? I guess it's a bird, but I really never caught one that weirdly on a photo! :)
Roman Theatre again... Roman boxing... wrestling...
Roman Theatre again...
I like how the trees grow that high up right on the theatre walls... this is the backside of the theatre, by the way.
Roman boxing... wrestling...
Yes, they ARE wearing funny *gloves*... :D Apparently those were only worn during training though. Rules in Roman times were... you weren't allowed to hold your *enemy*... else basically pretty much everything was allowed. Ouch!
The Roman Museum at Augusta... Roman Art...
The Roman Museum at Augusta...
... slightly more decorated than usual.
Roman Art...
... and there's much more of this to see...
Roman Theatre 3... Roarr!
Roman Theatre 3...
... near the front of the theatre...
Of course *someone* travelled along again. :D And that would be the theatre in the background. ;)
Kids for the Legions! Oink!
Kids for the Legions!
They had quite the drill sergeant there!
A real Roman pig. :)
More animals... Bar Delirium
More animals...
there was a horse carriage you could travel with. Not quite Roman, but still a nice idea.
Bar Delirium
*grin* they had this huge cauldron again, full of *magic potion* (as in the magic potion in *Asterix and Obelix*)... which was actually Caipirinha. *LOL* Yum!
Yumminess that I had to share as you can see. :)

We don't really *do Roman*, so we're on none of the photos dressed up or anything. Just in case that you wondered. :)
By the tablet weaving stall we met fiofiorina - at last! LOL We'd missed each other at this faire last year and I'm sure at this or that medieval faire before as well, but finally it worked out and we chatted for a bit. *waves* :D

Rushing off to watch TV now... questions? Feel free to ask. :)
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Loughcrew Gardens... including fairies! :)
Loughcrew Gardens... including fairies! :)

Here's a proof: A Geranium fairy! :D
The Loughcrew gardens are lovely - a wide area to walk in, not to crowded with plants, but just... really nice. And a lovely little house by the entrance with homemade food and unique and unusal little things to buy, such as special fairy cards, natural cosmetics, books... :)

The Gate To...
The Gate To...

... the old walled garden which nowadays is a field for horses...

A Most Mysterious Statue...
A Most Mysterious Statue...

... is it just me or does this strange statue generally wake the urge to think of a story to tell about it??? I think it's beautiful - as it is now.

A beautiful Tree...
A beautiful Tree...

... and one of many there :)


I find these so cheerful! :)

And Water, too...
And Water, too...

This is how I'd imagine *my* garden... this and lots of herbs etc. added to it. :)

Another proof...
Another proof...

... of fairies in those gardens... :)

Marta in the Woods
Marta in the Woods

*grin* This tree just so much *wanted* to have someone to climb around it... :)

Roarr @ photographer
Roarr @ photographer

LOL. I don't know if I really intended to look like I'd attack anytime soon... :D Maybe if I apply for a new job somewhere I should use THIS photo? What do ya think?

More Flowers
More Flowers

Have I mentioned it was a wonderful, hot, sunny day?


I caught someone munching! :)

The Eiffel Tower...
The Eiffel Tower...

... actually stands in the Loughcrew Gardens. Didn't you know? LOL
I've no clue WHY it stands there. And I forgot to ask *smacks forehead*.
And the human being standing right beside it is my mum. :D

I hope you've enjoyed this walk through the Loughcrew gardens?
Next photos will be of Loughcrew itself... as in where the ancient sites are. The hill itself is also called the *Hill of the Witch*. :)
And we caught such an amazing sunny day for our trip to there. For the last (and first) time we'd been there it had been grey-ish and a bit rainy (though not too bad), so this time we got the most amazing views down from the hill!
More next time!  :)

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Knowth The Sun Stones
While Newgrange is the main site people want to visit in the Boyne Valley area, Knowth is the second one and just as interesting, though different... It consists of one huge site and several smaller ones such as the one in this picture, plus some more... let's call them *features*... :)
The Sun Stones
White Quartzite as the dictionary tells me... in Irish (and I don't remember the words *sigh*), translated, it's called *Sun-Stone*. Those stones were either placed as a path around the major big site OR they were its wall - one doesn't know. Knowth's stones were put up as a path, while Newgrange's were re-built into its wall, so you can see both solutions nowadays...
The big site of Knowth Boyne River
The big site of Knowth
From afar... comparing with those two visitors you can see how large it is!
Boyne River
... which flows through the Boyne Valley... and is connected to the Goddess Boann... whose home Newgrange is... :)
The triple spiral of Newgrange The entrance to Newgrange
The triple spiral of Newgrange
The most famous ornament of all those sites... and also the symbol of the Brú na Boinne Centre which is the entrance to visiting these two sites. It's one of my favourite ornaments.
The entrance to Newgrange
Here you can see the entrance stone which I find really amazing and beautiful... as well as the entrance itself AND the *window* above which lets the sun come in on the days of and around the Winter Solstice. The memories of last year when we were there!!!! *aw*
An ornamented stone of Newgrange Newgrange and the Sky...
An ornamented stone of Newgrange
It's difficult to photograph those as the ornaments are actually best seen when the stone's wet. Speaking from experience. LOL. This one is somewhere at the back of Newgrange.
Newgrange and the Sky...
No, it wasn't about to rain like mad, we had nice weather when we were there. The sky just decided to put up a dramatic show for this photo. :D
Newgrange from afar
Newgrange from afar
... again so you can see how big it is. The *things* on the right are *huge* standing stones and the tiny little spot between them and Newgrange is a human (? well, you never know, do you? LOL).

Nowadays when we're in Ireland, staying in a cottage somewhere we're never really out of civilization, but let's just say making holidays this way is a bit on the less touristic side. Now... if you visit a place like Newgrange you sort of have to mentally prepare yourself to get into the *flood of tourists*, good and bad.
So... while I LOVE these sites, I visit them over and over again, on the other hand you have no chance to spend some quality time there. You visit them and you've about 40 minutes to stay at each site - includes a guided tour where you're in a group. You're always given a tiny bit of time to explore for yourself, but yeah... it's not the same.
That's why I treasure visiting lesser known sites such as Loughcrew, Drombeg, Carrowmore, Knocknarea, etc.
And on Tara many tourists get bored as for them there's *not enough to see* and even if they stroll a bit further you can still escape them by just... walking even further away. LOL

We went to Knowth and Newgrange in the Boyne Valley together with my penpal Evelyn who's Irish and who I met up with. Yey! :D
And we were lucky not to be in too bad tourist groups. Sometimes some are really awful but there most people were nice and actually interested which is always a plus. We also had very good guides.

It was strange standing inside Newgrange again - it brought back memories of having been there for the Winter Solstice last year. THE memories. You remember mum had won us 2 places to spend the morning inside Newgrange to welcome the Sun? I just couldn't help and grinned like a looney while we were inside Newgrange now again. LOL

Later that evening we also visited Tara - and spent some real quality time there. :) Quality time for pagans and witches that is. :)
I can highly recommend going there in the very late afternoon or evening.
Maybe not on Samhain. I'm not sure what's going on there in the late hours. ;)

Here's a link to a FAB webpage:

Telling about Newgrange, Knowth and all the other Irish sites!
Questions? Ask. :)
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A blessed Lughnasad! A blessed Lughnasad!

Whenever and wherever you celebrate - may your Lughnasadh be blessed! :)


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Hmh, I'm SLOWLY getting there as how to post photos on here so they don't leave the entry halfways empty. Fingers crossed!

Today... it'll be mainly photos of our visit of the National Stud & their Japanese Gardens and gardens in general...
I'd read about this place somewhere online and thought it would be interesting... :D
And so it was!
It's a huge area, near the Curragh which is the horse racing area not too far from Dublin. The Curragh itself looked very impressive. We drove by and it's HUGE. It was empty right then and I couldn't really take photos on the way...

On we went then and after a bit of some yumminess to eat we visited the Japanese Garden of the stud - it's really beautiful and I liked its concept a lot. You start walking along a path and first you come to a small cave which is called the cave of birth. The path itself symbolizes the path of life. And so you walk on and on through this beautiful garden, following paths of childhood etc. then to the path of love... to the *engagement bridge*... etc. In the photos here you can see the Honeymoon Path. :)

Further then, after the garden, there are the wide meadows and fields where the horses have their homes. :)
It's a wonderful place to just walk, walk, walk. And you get away from the tourist crowd easily - which was badly needed as there were some annoying ones right when we arrived. Phew! :)
You can have a guided tour, but we didn't take that one as we wouldn't really have had the time and we'd rather wanted to just walk on our own and see a little more then. Thus we came across this meadow with 3 mares with their foals. Aw!
They were shy first, not coming any closer at all, but then their curiosity got the better of them and one by one they came to us to have a closer look at their visitors. :D I could have stayed there for ages. :)

The Honeymoon Path...

... in the Japanese Garden of the National Stud of Ireland. :)

The Honeymoon Path...

Green, Green, Green...

I love this view of the small lake in the Japanese garden...

Green, Green, Green...

Mum on her way... :)

She alawys chooses the unusual paths to follow. :D

Mum on her way... :)

Mum and baby Horses :)

They were lovely... and in the end very nosy. While shy at first in the end almost all of them came to us to have a closer look. :D

Mum and baby Horses :)

Play with Me!

This foal was so playful. I think if it could have gotten out of there it would have tumbled right into me hopping around excitedly. It was so sweet!

Play with Me!


... glittering in the sun


The Cullen Bar

Ha! I had to take a pic of this one! Seems as if there's a Finbarr Cullen that we Twilighters haven't heard about, yet. Hmh! ;D

The Cullen Bar

Well, the last photo... hahah! :D As we can see the vampire family has spread out to Ireland... ;)

Today, when we had 30°C and it was really roasting hot I thought back of the lovely summer days INCLUDING fresh breezes we had in Ireland. *that* climate is certainly perfect for me. :)
And the rain now and then definitely adds to the excitement. LOL

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And here goes my first offical entry... and some mainly fun photos:

We had a good journey, good flight, everything went really well. Got our car super-fast, almost didn't find it as now you have to pick up the rental cars in a parking building near the airport and let's just say it's kind of hidden. We had a silver Nissan Micra which worked a treat - and we spotted this type of car over and over again all over Ireland. Must be a favourite? It looks smaller on the outside, but actually a lot fits in. Our luggage certainly did. :)

We drove to the first house we had rented... and got SO LOST!
You really need a navigator there. Once you know your way you're just fine, but searching the house for the first time... no chance.
The lady who owns it knew we were on the way and called me to ask if we were nearby and I was like yeah, in the village you told me NOT to go to. LOL. We really ended up there. So she came by car to pick us up. I guess she found it just as hilarious. :D
Some tea was awaiting us... and a really large but cosy and lovely house. I'd take that one anytime! Plus big spacious gardens and all *on your own*. No neighbours directly nearby yet you're not really far away from the next village (...) or main road. Handy!

In the morning, Sunday, we discovered we had a couple of cats to adopt.
The lady had warned us there were cats, wild-ish ones that her husband actually fed and looked after a bit. Figured out there were 3 fluffy white cats, one without a tail, one big-ish one and then a slender one. All of them too shy to be touched but nosy enough to peer into the kitchen, especially since there was a small bowl for them by the kitchen door anyway.
So... Nurdhegilwen's familiar with adopting-cats-for-a-week-in-Ireland - we did just that. LOL.
Some while later I discovered 2 kitten in the shed behind the house - one white and one - BLACK!!! :D SO cute. Unfortunately I've no photos of them as they were well hidden and the slender cat which I soon called *mum* was always guarding them, but I saw them play a couple of times. AW!
The big cat seemed to be the guardian of the house as he mostly slept by the kitchen door and usually was the first one to visit us as soon as someone started strolling around the house in the morning. >^.^<

Here go pics:

1st week - 1st house: My Bed *our* Cats
1st week - 1st house: My Bed

I had to take a photo of it because it just looked rather nice... :) AND it was super-comfy! :D *misses it*
*our* Cats

How many do you spot? :D
Close up Meow Narnia in the Garden?
Close up Meow

They were too shy to be touched, but still adorable and one of them which I think was a male kept on guarding our house. :)
Narnia in the Garden?

Well... you never know, right? :D
Our Car, our Bear, our Tiger... Boots!
Our Car, our Bear, our Tiger...

LOL, the bear's mum's (yes, it's a teddybear dressed up as a gingerbread-man LOL), the tiger's mine. They were posing during the whole holiday. Here they're showing off our lovely (rented) silver (no, not a Volvo, sorry) Nissan Micra. :D

We had to buy some definitely-waterproof boots for the falconry lesson, so here they are... :) In the end we had to leave them in Ireland. They were really heavy and also big, no space in our luggage... but they should have a good home by now - we gave them to the lady who owns the 2nd house we rented and she found them lovely. :)
THE Restaurant of Navan Synchro Swans
THE Restaurant of Navan

You love Indian Food? You are in Ireland? Preferably near Navan? You'd like to visit a drool-icious restaurant? Here it is!!! *waves @ Nicole!!!*
Synchro Swans

You won't believe when I say that I actually WAITED for them to do something else than scratch their tums for ages... both at the same time... in the end I gave up and took THIS photo instead. :)
Mini-Birdie Natural Beauty

Who spots the Robin? :D
Natural Beauty

This one was really unusual - I've definitely not seen any such flower before.

Sunday was a tiny drama-day as Ed discovered one of the car's tires was losing air. I called the lady asking if she knew where we best could get that fixed and well, she came over along with her son who grabbed the tire and went off in search for *someone to fix it on a Sunday*. Bless them for their help!!!
In the meanwhile we were told to *go somewhere and enjoy the day* so we went to the next town to do some food shopping and also to visit a small local market that sold yummy homemade jams, scones, cheese, veggies and... small packs of scrabooking crafty things. They were thrown in between the scones. LOL.
So it was a bit of a lazy shopping Sunday *only* but way ok for us as all three of us were really tired after tough times at work and then travel-Saturday...

Arrived back at the house and got our tire back immediately, fixed by whoever for 7 Euro only. Woooooooooooh! :D

Well, and my next entries will be more adventurous, I promise. ;)

Um, can anyone tell me why LJ leaves such a huge empty space between my texts BEFORE the pics? In EVERY post??? :(

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The Poulnabrone Dolmen, Burren, Ireland Hello everyone!!! *collective hug*

I couldn't resist posting a first entry tonight... and adding some photos... I took so many and I tried to make a fun selection for you (*waves @ meathiel LOL*)... I will write more and post more photos. We had an amazing time and there will be lots to share both here and also with my dear coven sisters & brother. I hope you'll enjoy these first ones... And also: I will try to get back on track with LJ as quickly as possible, but I've no idea what work will be like (hahah, awful, yes, but HOW awful?), I'll do my best. :)

-- this is the Poulnabrone Dolmen, Burren area, Ireland
Me and my Owl Me and my Owl

We got introduced to this little lovely during our falconry lesson by the Newgrange Falconry. She's amazing! And her feathers are so soft! More information to come. :)
A Beauty in the Flowers A Beauty in the Flowers

... taken at the Burren Perfumery garden... in the Burren. :)
Mum and her new best Friend Mum and her new best Friend

do I need to say more? LOL. She just loves cuddling plants.
Faces in the Sky Faces in the Sky

... and one evening, they just looked down... I don't know what they were searching for...
Do you see the faces? It was quite something to view!!!
A Happy Kitty... A Happy Kitty...

... at the Burren Perfumery... :D
A Path To The Past... A Path To The Past...

... which it really was for me, but that'll be something to share on a more personal level.
This is a re-building of a Crannog, a dwelling in a lake, only accessable via this bridge.
Me hiding... Me hiding...

... or trying to. ;)
And then She divided... And then She divided...

... the plants. LOL. At the Burren Perfumery Gardesn.
This be MY lamp! This be MY lamp!

near Tara... let's just say the birds there are fun. :)
A Wild Ride... A Wild Ride...

we really had a WAY wild ride to the smalles of the Aran Islands, Inishere. The waters got even wilder than here, which was when I had to stop taking photos and simply held on so I wouldn't be tossed around the boat. Let's just say WOW. I can't stand rollercoasters, but THIS was quite something. :D
Casting Shadows... Casting Shadows...

... at the Burren area... I love this area. I could spend weeks there and still find new places and things to see. You just want to sit down there and simply spend time there...
And yes, this shadow is me. :)
I'll get you! I'll get you!

This would be mum chasing Ed around the car. He was teasing her endlessly, so she started chasing him around and around the car... LOL
Sun Sun

I love how the Sun creates the most amazing pictures like this... including the rainbow-arrow in this one. :)

Marta - Naurwen

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No worries, I won't write any spoilers. Promise. :D

We got later to the cinema area where the premiere was held than we'd expected, but it's at the other end of the city centre and there was nothing we could have done about that. So we didn't really get to stand anywhere up front, but luckily digi-cams exist so I managed to get these two GOOD photos (and a couple of less good ones ;), even with *Luna* as well:

Neville and also Luna - in the background Neville and also Luna - in the background

I never realized I got a picture of *Luna*. when we were around there we didn't see her and only saw her once I'd turned in my camera. Hah! This is great! :D
It's Neville again :D It's Neville again :D

Remember the first Hary Potter movie... he's quite grown up by now, huh?

We went into the cinema building where there was a bit of food here and there (mini-sandwiches) and some orange juice and rumour has it also some alcohol, just don't ask me where. Never seen any there. There were some Swiss celebrities, but most of them I don't recognize anyway, so... ahem. No idea. LOL
At some point we had to turn in my camera and then went to watch the movie. Intro was done (live) by Sven Epiney (Swiss TV guy) who actually made it quite nicely as in not throwing silly rude jokes or whatever. There was a stage in front of the huge screen and to our surprise both actors came up there and Sven interviewed them which was great fun and interesting, too. Somehow Evanna Lynch talked so much in a manner just like Luna (the way she spoke etc.) it was kinda funny. :D They mentioned they'd been on a boat-trip on the lake of Zurich yesterday. Huh!
One thing that I *can* tell as it's non-revealing anything of the movie really is that there's a scene where they eat lots of profiteroles, you know, sweet pastry, chocolatey. And Matthew Lewis (=Neville) mentioned that they had to film that scene something like 20 times on one and the same day and that he wolfed down so many profiteroles after the first take already and then had to keep on eating them that he felt kind of sick by the evening. LOL I can imagine that pretty well! They DID look yummy though in the movie. :9

Well, and then we watched the movie.
Which is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pity I can't go blah about it right now, but I won't do that to you. :)
Let me just say that it's really great. Those who've read the book will know all that awaits you and it's all there really. Some stuff... love potion - absolutely hilarious!!! Slughorn is sort of just as I had imagined him from reading the book... and it was great to see a bit more of Snape! Funky Quidditch stuff! Watch out for Luna's Gryffindor fandom during the game. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It has all the *fun stuff* as well as of course the darkness.
And I can't wait to see it again. Then in English please. The German dubbing wasn't bad, but it just isn't the same.

*bounces happily off to bed*

The Beauties of our Balcony The Beauties of our Balcony

Sprinkled with rain :D

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OK, thank you to EVERYONE who sent me an email with the link to the trailer! *grouphug* :D You guys are SO supportive! *aws*
I just got online, thinking I'll have a look if someone dared putting it up on youtube. We will have the MTV movie awards on tonight, a shorter version I believe as they usually cut stuff like that down for German MTV? So I've no clue if they'll show the trailer on there at all.
But here it is - for everyone who hasn't seen it yet:

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Planned and going to be... here:

Unfortunately the webpage is in German only, but basically it's by the lady whose two workshops we went to last year.
It will be a museum related to both past and present, thus also showing about paganism and wicca nowadays.

Talking about a great idea! :)
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Let's see if this works...
It's the whole TV show, you have to get to 47 minutes, then just wait until the silly guy finishes his blah and you get to see bits of the Austrian musical *Elisabeth* - about the Empress Elisabeth.

We hope, hope, hope to get good tickets for the weekend after this one and go to see it. *excited!!!!!!!!!!!!*
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Samhain Samhain

I wish all of you a Blessed Samhain!!!
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Ladybird Lavender Ladybird Lavender
I saved this little fellow from the bathroom window and set it into our lavender pot on the balcony yesterday... well, and by this morning it had chosen to explore the lavender. :)

Just a cheerful little post... I had to post this photo. I love ladybirds, I love lavender...
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Your result for The Camelot Test...


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Congratulations! This was the most challenging result to get. You are one of a kind.

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