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And here... more photos of 01.01.:
We took the bus back to Meersburg, then decided to have a wander around as it was such a lovely (and actually warm enough) evening.
The sunset was so beautiful. Hahah - we spotted huge bubbles in the lake, being a bit WTF about them we watched them - and two divers emerged. LOL No idea what they'd been looking for or doing - especially since there was a sign post saying *no diving*, but I suppose they were local, allowed to do that, whatever. :) So I'm afraid, no Nessie, it was just divers. ;)

And here's to thanking to the universe for leading us down that nice little street to the one and only shop open - which had very unusual clothes, on sale, and a lovely woman who owned the shop and actually knew how to do her job (as in of course she was happy to sell a couple of things to us, but she was genuinely nice and was really great at getting the sizes right for us - depending no the style of the tops she picked out. Awesome, that was a first time ever experience to me. What I usually get here is a shrug and a whatever. Pfft).
We found two lovely floaty tops each. :D

Well, and then we better hopped on the next ferry before we'd have been tempted to spend even more money. LOL

Have the photos:

More mountains! And palm trees! :D At Meersburg
More mountains! And palm trees! :D At Meersburg
Love this one :) Meersburg Castle
Love this one :) Meersburg Castle
This says *Hotel Wild Man* :) Sun set...
This says *Hotel Wild Man* :) Sun set...
The Moon :D A building in Meersburg
The Moon :D First time EVER I was able to take a proper photo of the Moon! A building in Meersburg
A street in Meersburg The sunset got more fiery
A street in Meersburg The sunset got more fiery
The mountains again Sunset and palm trees
The mountains again Sunset and palm trees
Road sign The little travellers found a xmas tree on the ferry! :D
Road sign Unteruhldingen is where the lake dwelling is (= Pfahlbauten). But I took this photo because of Salem - knowing that there very well is a Salem in the USA which is pretty famous. The little travellers found a xmas tree on the ferry! :D
The sunset turned pink and purple :D And even more pink and purple
The sunset turned pink and purple :D And even more pink and purple

Well, today, we slept in a bit, then checked out of the hotel, left our luggage there though. We went to Aran (that for some reason has been re-named into Pano, what the... Aran was nicer. Why did it have to be renamed into the Italian version of the word? As if that's better or classier or whatever?) for breakfast. And I'll keep on calling it Aran. There!
Then bought a couple of essentials we'd wanted to get AND found a new travel bag (we both prefer bags to suitcases) for danannforest as hers has started falling apart (and mine will most probably follow soon, too, so... that'll be a next one to get).
In the end we went back to the hotel, repacked her things into her new bag and the lady at the check in desk very kindly adopted the old suitcase - we could leave it there. :)

Well, and then we had one more coffee and then caught our train home.
No idea why but while we took the direct train back to Zurich, we were told we had to change at Weinfelden as the train would end there. Never given a reason for it and had the pleasure to squash around with the very unfriendly (sorry to say so) Swiss travelleres who were downright rude and WTF - but we caught the train and then didn't have to deal with them anymore.
The guy who'd informed us about the train change was on the new train as well and actually very nicely announced over the speakers that all passengers had managed very well. LOL That was a sweet thing to say. :)

So... here we are again, back online in 2012.
I will update on the Wild Nights tomorrow I guess. :)
Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!
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