Mar. 21st, 2011

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I feel the need to do a bit of advertising for one of my favourite book series:
Books 1-3 will be out in a reprint in May, June and July, book 4 will be released in August 2011.
All I can say is that I’ve loved 1-3 so far, and they’re a definitely “pagan read”. :D
You can also check out the Stonewylde newsletter:
Which includes some spring equinox-ness right now as well. :) And if you like it all as much as I do – there’s also a bit of a community (all nice and nuts people, someone once said LOL. You know, them weird pagans… ;D).

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Hi everyone

this is a public post - just in case someone who I have included in the friends cut may want to know.
It's the first time ever that I've done a friends cut and I doubt the people I've cut will notice. They've been either not active on LJ anymore, or kind of never interacted with me anyway - not responding to my entries or to my comments on theirs. So I guess the feeling's mutual. :)
I've cut a couple of people only and this has absolutely nothing to do with me not liking someone or anything like that - I just feel if we don't interact AT ALL, then there's no point in staying LJ friends. I don't reply to every entry someone makes and sometimes can't read every entry, either - sometimes I've nothing to say, sometimes I'm too busy, that's just plain normal. But if there's no interaction at all, I don't really see the point. So please, no hard feelings - I think you understand what I mean?
Should someone who I've cut now still want to stay in contact - please tell me, though as said, I do doubt that as there was no interaction at all.

C'est tout. :)
Good night!


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