Sep. 26th, 2010

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Now here I'm going to be so predictable... most of you it won't surprise if I choose Middle Earth... and Hogwarts & Co.

As for top favourite number one: Middle Earth... I'd love to visit in a time of peace, because as far as adventure goes I'd love to SURVIVE ;). But I'd love to see it all, visit all the places, have a party with the hobbits, visit the elves, see the White City for myself, ... awwww! And of course to meet all the (nice) creatures. I'm not a chicken but I doubt I'd like to meet an orc. My archery skills aren't good enough for that.

I'd also love to take some exchange year at Hogwarts. Or two. Or three. Come on, of course I would!

What else...
I think if I'd say the places of Pride and Prejudice I'd have some major problems: First of all Mr Darcy's already got a bride and second... memories of Lost in Austen come to mind. Wah. LOL

I loved reading The Forgotten Beasts of Eld... I think it would be wonderful to see all those wonderous creatures... this story really sucked me into this other world.

And yeah, yeah, Forks... because it would be simply FUN!

I might add to all that if more comes to mind. Right now my brain's slowly going tired. ;)


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