May. 6th, 2010

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A bit of a longer story but I'll try to make it short.
A penpal from England (we're definitely not in touch anymore) had basically begged me to visit her when she got to know I'd be going to Ireland in summer. That was years ago by the way.
I'd met her once before - for a couple of hours - we got along really well, so I agreed and scratched my money together to be able to afford the extra flight.

She was all enthusiastic, invited me, told me how she would take me to visit places, etc. totally excited, almost hyper.

However once I was *there* she was permanently p***** off at me and I really had no clue why.
She hinted how she had to *drive so much* to take me to places (they were are more or less nearby and the visit was for 3 days). How we had to do food shopping which obviously really annoyed her (I paid my share). We didn’t really get to chat or anything – it was either a word here or there or nothing.
She took me to some christening in her family that I didn’t want to go to. FFS, it was family business and seriously, I wasn’t interested in sitting in a church for an event I wasn’t involved with at all, listening to someone talking about sins and other *fun stuff*. Everyone looked at me as if I was a two-headed donkey cause nobody could figure out who I was and why I was there at all. And it lasted the whole morning. Even greater.
Long story made short, after the holiday she wrote me an email how she felt I hadn’t behaved well during my stay, how I hadn’t been friendly to her relatives (WTF???), how I’d been unthankful even though she (and her husband) drove me around… and so on.

I told her my side of the story. And I never heard from her again.
Through a mutual friend of ours I heard that after a meet up with her she’d had similar experiences… :(
And also heard that she asked about me once or twice. Like *why doesn’t she write to me anymore*.
Errr… seriously?


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